DIY Felt Air Fresheners – Free Templates

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Square photo of three handmade felt air fresheners made of felt that resemble lattes.

Make these adorable DIY Felt Air Fresheners for the coffee lover in your life!

There are three different templates to choose from with Latte, Frappuccino, and Milk Shake Designs.


I’m making DIY felt air fresheners for Fall (with pumpkin pie-scented oil) but you can make these cute latte-inspired felt air fresheners anytime. Make them for Valentine’s Day or give one to mom on Mother’s Day.

Like most air fresheners, you’ll want to put them in your car or use them in a smaller space and pick a scent you love!

Use any scented oil you like, there are so many to choose from. I found everything from mocha to coconut. I used vanilla (which was a lighter scent) on one and later added peppermint when it was time to re-scent! Read more about that below.

Pink milkshake DIY felt air freshener shown in car.

Essential oils are so much better for you too. Much better than those scented pine trees you buy in the store. Make a couple of DIY Felt Air Fresheners for yourself and a few to give as gifts or to sell.

These no-sew air fresheners can be made in minutes. Check out the how-to’s and follow along with the video below.


DIY Felt Air Fresheners – Video



How to Make DIY Felt Air Fresheners

To get started, download and print one of the freeFelt Air Freshener Templates’ from the supplies list above.


Use stick pins to pin each template piece to felt and cut the pieces out.

Pieces of felt cut using template for pumpkin latte DIY felt air freshener.
Cut felt pieces out.

I gave recommendations for felt colors but use any colors you like and interchange the pumpkin for a heart or heart for a face, or make your own decoration to add a personal touch. I also highly recommend using thick craft felt for this DIY (see the supplies list to check out the felt I used here).

Next hot glue everything together.

Pieces of a DIY Felt Air Freshener (pumpkin latte) hot glued together.
Hot glue all of the felt pieces together.


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Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of your DIY Air Freshener and add a string and beads (optional).


Make a hole using a hole punch at the top of a DIY Felt Air Freshener.
Punch a hole in the top with a hole punch.

Put about 10-15 drops of essential oils onto the back of your air freshener. The oil will saturate and pool up in the felt which is what you want. Reapply with essential oil or pick a new scent as needed. The scent will dissipate after about a week.

Note: Don’t put your air freshener in a drawer or closet directly touching clothes or fabric. The oil may transfer and stain fabrics.

Applying pumpkin pie essential oil to the back of a DIY felt air freshener.
Add drops of fragrance (essential) oil to the back of the air freshener.

I also added these cute heart lava beads (optional) to the top of my air freshener. I thought they added a nice touch and they’re functional too. Lava beads are used to make aromatherapy bracelets and other jewelry because they soak up and hold scent well. Natural (unfinished) wood beads can also be used. They soak up oils well too. Add a few drops to lava or natural wood beads.

Applying pumpkin pie essential oil to the heart lava bead on a finished DIY Felt Air Freshener.
Apply fragrance (essential) oil to lava and unfinished wood beads.


Using a thin piece of wire to string beads onto yarn string for a DIY Felt Air Freshener.
Tip: Use a Big Eye Beading Needle or a piece of thin wire (folded in half) to string beads.–> Check out the video above for more detail!


Vertical image of a pink milkshake and tall coffee with a smiley face on a white background with colorful candy dots - DIY Felt Air Fresheners Pinterest Pin to share.
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