Seaside Seek & Find Bottle

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Square closeup feature image of a bottle filled with sand and small beach trinkets with a tag for a seaside seek and find sensory bottle.

Make this fun Seaside Seek and Find Bottle with just a few dollar store supplies.


If you love the beach like we do you may have a few small trinkets on hand. I added a shark tooth, sea glass and a small shell my boys found at the beach the summer before. I also raided their Lego bin for the tiny snorkel and flippers.

Our Dollar Store had some buttons, decorative sand and I found a kiddy bracelet with turtle beads on it. I used all beach themed trinkets but feel free to add whatever small treasures you can find.

Just a few tips when making a Seaside Seek & Find Bottle:

I used a 2-Liter plastic soda bottle but if you have smaller children you may want to use a smaller bottle that they can wrap their hands around. My boys loved the bigger size but a 2-Liter bottle filled with sand is heavy.

If you use sand to fill your bottle, I recommend filling the bottle as full as possible with just a little air at the top. Sand is heavier and denser than rice or beads as a filler and items have a tendency to float to the top. The fuller the bottle the better to make the game more challenging.

Lastly, make sure your bottle is completely dry to avoid sand from sticking to the inside of the bottle.

Picture of Seek and Find Items
  1. Take a picture of your Seek and Find Items and print it out. This works great for younger children just learning to read. To make it a bit more challenging for older children you could just list the items. I also added numbers to my image but that’s not necessary at all.
  2. Fill your bottle with sand and drop all trinkets in. Make sure to put the cap on tight. If you have little ones playing with this you may want to put a drop of crazy glue on the cap to really secure it 
  3. That’s it. Summer in a bottle! Enjoy.
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