R2-D2 Valentine’s Day Box

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Square Photo of an R2-S2 Valentines Day Box made of cardboard.

My son just finished his Valentine’s Day box. He’s calling it R2-V2. He (we) put a lot of work into it so I thought I’d show it off.


All of the supplies came from the Dollar Tree (except the silver and white spray paint) and as you can see, lots of tape and cardboard.

R2 D2 Valentines Day Box in progress. Cardboard structure and a plastic bowl for the head.
R2 D2 Valentine’s Day Box in progress.

The blue accents were cut out of this stuff called “Magic Cover” that I found in the office supply area at Dollar Tree. It’s used for book covers and can be peeled up and re-positioned easily.

This light weight removable vinyl is great for kids projects or to make fun window clings out of, so I went back and bought all the colors to put in my craft bin for later. They had three colors, blue, a bright green and a hot pink.

I helped my son with the cutting and taping to get the overall shape. We tried to get the proportion right so it stands about 2-feet tall.

Although his dad didn’t want anything to do with this crazy project I managed to talk him into spray painting. By the way, we figured out that spray paint will not dry in freezing cold temperatures so everything had to be brought inside to dry. I can still the smell paint 🙁

To finish we added foam hearts and a set of lights. Now we just need to figure out how to get it to school. Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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