Crazy Straw Valentine – Free Printable

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feature image of three crazy straws with cards

This Crazy Straw Valentine makes a perfect gift for any class party.

If your child’s school is like ours, they don’t allow candy. I know, very sad 🙁

That makes it a real challenge for moms and teachers to come up with something kids will like. My go-to is usually pencils or stickers, which are great, but the kids seem to get an awful lot of those.

For something different, I bought two packs of twelve crazy straws. They were inexpensive and came in bright fun colors. I found mine at Target in the Party isle but I’m pretty sure you can get them anywhere.

Crazy Straw Valentines Day Printable - 4up-min

So on your next trip to the store, grab some crazy straws, then print out the Crazy Straw Valentine Free Printable here. I set the file 4-up or four cards per 8.5″ x 11″ page to make things as easy as possible.

Just print at 100% (actual size) and cut them out with a sharp precision knife against a straight edge. Punch a hole in the center (top and bottom) to feed your straw through. If you don’t have a hole punch you can use your precision knife to make small slits instead.

You can print to card stock if you want but I just used regular white printer paper.

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