Easy DIY Silverware Caddy

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Closeup of a silverware caddy made from faceted plastic cups on a counter.

Make this DIY Silverware Caddy in minutes with Dollar Store supplies!

This caddy is the perfect size for hosting buffet-style dinner parties or as an all-in-one caddy to take out to the patio table!

Supplies used to make a DIY Silverware Caddy. These include: three plastic 22 ounce tumbers (mine are from Dollar Tree). A free standing paper towel holder (mine is from Dollar Tree) and Wire (I used 28 gauge steel wire). Not shown, a drill and miter box.

Pretty much any standard countertop paper towel holder and tall plastic cups will work for this DIY. Just go with a color and style you like. You may even have these items already in your cupboard waiting to be repurposed!

If you’d like to pick up the same tumblers shown in this DIY, you can get them at Dollar Tree. These tumblers are made of thick diamond-cut plastic and come in different translucent colors.

At the time of this post, my Dollar Tree only had the clear ones in stock. That was fine with me because clear goes with any decor. To add a little sparkle, I added peach and amber beads to the top of the handle.

Sea Foam Green Sea Glass spray paint shown with three clear plastic diamond cut tumbles painted in the background.
Sea Glass Spray Paint

I also made another caddy by spray painting three more clear tumblers with Sea Foam Green Sea Glass spray paint.

Side Note: If you’ve never used sea glass spray paint, it’s wonderful! The spray comes out as a fine mist and you only need a couple of light passes to get a beautiful translucent color. Sea glass spray paint also comes in a few different colors. You can buy it at your local hardware store or check it out here.

To add a little more pop to this caddy, I used metallic copper spray paint on the handle and coated the paint layer with spray lacquer to protect the finish.

Painted seafoam green DIY Silverware Caddy shown on counter. Vertical feature image with silverware on counter.

Updated: My Dollar Tree finally got in more cups in different summer colors so I made a Patriotic Caddy! Check out the photo at the bottom of this post!


Easy DIY Silverware Caddy – How-to Video



How to Make a DIY Silverware Caddy – 4 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Drill two small holes into three tall Plastic cups

The holes need to be side-by-side and in the center of your cups. Use a small drill bit but one that will give you a large enough hole to easily string the wire through.

Tips for Drilling Holes into Plastic Tumblers

  • First, you don’t need any special drill bit or water like you would if you were drilling through glass.
  • Apply steady pressure while drilling through the tumbler to avoid cracking the plastic. I also tested drilling on a much thinner plastic tumbler and my drill bit didn’t crack the plastic at all.
  • Set plastic glasses into a miter box. If your miter box is wider than the tumbler, add cloth or an extra piece of wood to the sides to keep your tumbler firmly in place while you drill. See the photo below and check out the video to see how we used a miter box to hold the cups in place while drilling.
Tall 22 ounce clear plastic tumbler shown in miter box to hold the tumbler securely. Drill shown drilling holes into the cup to make a DIY Silverware Caddy.
DIY Silverware Caddy - drill two holes (side by side) into the center of each of your three tumbers so they can be strung together with wire.
Tumbler with two holes drilled into it.


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STEP 2: Secure the tumblers with wire

Cut a piece of wire about 18 inches long and string it through the holes of the tumblers as shown below.

Three tumblers shown with a wire run through them. Tumblers will be wired to a paper towel holder as a base to make a DIY Silverware Caddy.
String wire through the holes of the tumblers.

Next, secure the tumblers to the paper towel holder by stringing a piece of wire through the tumblers twice. See the video above for more details.

Three tumblers shown with wire through holes previously drilled. Wire looped through the cups to secure it to the base for a DIY Silverware Caddy.

STEP 3: Secure the Wire Ends

Twist the wire ends on the inside of one of the cups. You shouldn’t be able to see any wire on the outside of your caddy. The wires will be on the inside of the tumblers.

Wire looped around twice to hold three tumbers onto the base. Wires shown twisted together to keep the DIY Silverware Caddy in place.
After stringing the wire through each cup twice, pull the ends tight and twist the two wires together to finish.

STEP 4: Decorate Your Caddy

This is optional, but you can add decorative beads, wrapped leather cording, or washi tape to the hand. Below are photos of my finished caddy’s.

DIY Silverware Caddy in patriotic colors red, white, and blue. Vertical Pinterest pin to save to your Pinterest DIY boards.
Patriotic Caddy


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Vertical Image - Pinterest pin for DIY Silverware Caddy with peach accents.
Vertical image for Pinterest. Sea glass green DIY Silverware Caddy.


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