4 DIY Air Plant Holders to Beautify Your Home

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Three creative and easy-to-make DIY Air Plant Holders and tips on caring for your air plants.

I’ve never had air plants until this year. Now that I know how easy they are to care for, I’m on my way to adopting a small family of them.

They don’t need soil to grow and they’re happy to hover around as long as they have proper water and sunlight.

If you’d like to learn more about the different and most common air plant varieties, check out this post from Garden Therapy –> What type of air plant do I have?

Below are a few tips on how to care for air plants and four DIY holders that you can make to display these beauties in your home.

How to Care for Air Plants

Before we head into the DIYs, I thought I’d give a few helpful tips on how to care for these beautiful plants…

Water: I’ve found that they like to be spritzed once a week with rain or tap water and soaked in water once a month. If you live in a dry climate, you may need to water more often. Air Plant Supply Co. also recommends a good 2-hour soak every 2-3 weeks then shaking off the excess and letting them dry completely.

Light: Air plants flourish when placed in indirect sunlight or in a room with fluorescent light. This is great because you can put them pretty much anywhere as long as the temp is between 50 and 90 degrees according to Air Plant Supply Co. For more caring instructions visit the Air Plant Supply Co.

Containers & Holders: You can display air plants in any container you like. They can touch most metals except for copper which is toxic to them when they are repeatedly exposed to it. Ceramics, wood, bamboo, and other natural materials work great as containers. If you’re placing them in a small planter pot you can add any decorative ground cover you like. Sea glass, pebbles, small shells, and floral moss work well for ground cover.

Now on to the fun part! Let’s make some awesome DIY air plant holders…


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1. Picture Frame Air Plant Holder DIY

Photo of a deep picture fame with chicken wire air plant holder that can hold an entire family mounted to the wall.
Picture Frame Air Plant Holder

Grab an old picture frame and some chicken wire to make a home suitable for an air plant family!

To make this framed holder, you’ll need a wood picture frame, chicken wire, and tack nails. Chicken wire with 1-inch openings is a perfect size to hold small to medium plants. If you have a few larger ones, cut the wire to open up two holes. Just make sure to use needle nose pliers to curl under any sharp wire ends.

Note: I recommend a deep frame if you plan to hang your frame on the wall and a shallow frame if you plan to lean it on a shelf. This will give your plants the space they need.

2. Wood Ring Hanging Air Plant Holder

Photo of a hanging macrame and wood ring plant holder hanging in a soft lit window.
Wood Ring Hanging Air Plant Holder

Make this simple hanging air plant holder using natural wood rings.

To make one, start by securing a few wood rings together with wire. I’m using 28 gauge steel wire. I found the wood rings and macrame hanger at Dollar Tree.

If you’re Dollar Tree doesn’t have these supplies in stock, you can make a similar hanger using a wood dowel and purchase the same-size wood rings on Amazon here –> 40mm Wood Rings (with about a 1″ opening) and 50 mm Wood Rings (with about a 1.3″ opening).

Close up of wire used to secure rings together to make a DIY Wood Ring Hanging Air Plant Holder.
Link wood rings together with wire.

3. Wood Spool Air Plant Holders

Make beautiful air plant holders using wood spools and wire.

Feature photo of three vintage wood spool plant holders set on a stack of books near a window.
Wood Spool Air Plant Holders

I’m using vintage spools but you can certainly use spools from the craft store. Here are a couple of links to new spools on Amazon and vintage spools on Etsy if you’d like to check them out.

To make these beautiful holders, you’ll need wire cutters and 20-gauge steel wire. I’m using 20-gauge wire because it holds its shape well but is soft enough to bend and work with.

Cut a piece of wire about 12 inches long. Fold one end as shown below and push it into the center of the spool. This will hold the wire in place.

Close up of wire folded to better secure it to the center of a Wood Spool DIY Air Plant Holder.

Next, coil the wire any way you like to cradle your plants and turn under the end with needle nose pliers to finish.

Photo of vintage wood spools with all the supplies to make a DIY Wood Spool Air Plant Holder.


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4. Yardstick Refrigerator Magnet as Air Plant Holders

I found a bucket of yardsticks at an antique store and bought a few to make crafts with. I love the advertising on vintage yardsticks and for this DIY, I decided to turn one into refrigerator magnets!

Square feature image of two finished air plant holders made out of yardsticks on a white refrigerator.
Yardstick Refrigerator Magnets as Air Plant Holders.

Here I’m using them to hold air plants but I also filled a few with holiday miniatures. Check out the full tutorial and get more ideas here –> DIY Ruler Box Magnets.


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