How to Make a Candy Bouquet For Dad – Free Printable Tags

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Photo of round free printable 'Best Dad Ever' tags on one side and a finished candy bouquet on the other side.

Make this fun candy bouquet for Dad for Father’s Day. Dad will love it and kids can put it together in no time with a little help from an adult. To make it even easier, download and print the free tags below.

To get started you’ll need a container. We used a travel coffee mug but you could easily use a small tin bucket, a coffee cup, or even paint a mason jar.

I bought paper straws and the kids and I picked out a few of my husband’s favorite candy bars and snacks. We taped them to the straws and pushed them into a block of floral foam.

Below are all the details on how to make this fun gift for Dad.


  • Individual-size candy bars and snacks
  • A travel coffee mug (or another container)
  • Paper straws
  • Clear scotch tape
  • A floral foam block
  • A plastic sandwich bag
  • A knife to cut floral foam
  • Scissors
  • A printout of the “Best Dad Ever” tags (optional)

How to Make a Candy Bouquet – 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Cut the foam down to fit inside your mug (Adult to do cutting).

The foam should fit snuggly into the cup or container.

Cut and shape foam to fit in your Mug or Container
Cut a foam block down to fit your container.

STEP 2: Wrap a plastic sandwich bag around your foam

Put your foam inside a plastic bag with a little sticking out a little above the top of your foam. You’ll barely see this when finished. The plastic will allow for something to pull on later so Dad can easily remove the foam block from the cup. If you don’t do this getting the foam out of the cup may be difficult.

Foam with being inserted into Mug.
Wrap a plastic sandwich bag around the foam and slip it into your container.

STEP 3: Insert the paper straws into the foam

If your straw doesn’t push easily into the foam, try using a pencil to make a starter hole.

Stick paper straws into the foam to position.
Push paper straws into the foam.

STEP 4: Next remove straws one by one and tape candy to Them

Tape candy onto your straws and put them back into the holes.

Remove straws one-by-one and tape candy to each straw then put the straw back into the hole in the foam. This was the easiest way I found to do this.
Tape candy to each straw.

Step 5: Print and tape a Free Father’s Day Tag to your cup


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