DIY Fall Wood Slices Garland

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Square feature image of DIY Fall Wood Slice Garland strung on a white wood plank surface with wood slices painted in golden and aqua hues with the letter F-A-L-L painted on each wood slice. Fall leave strung in between and to the ends.

I love the simple, rustic look of this Fall wood slice garland. Make this beautiful Autumn garland to decorate your front door, entryway, or staircase!

When the weather turns crisp outside, it’s time to start making fall crafts! Kick the Thanksgiving season off by making this easy and inexpensive garland for Fall using wood slices. I added touches of teal and silk fall leaves to bring golden hues to my garland.

Supplies shown to make fall leaf and wood slice garland.

I made a 3-foot garland string in about an hour, and that was mainly just paint drying time. Make garland in any length you need to best suit your space!

Get the supply list below and check out the how-to photos to make this beautiful Fall garland.


How to Make Fall Wood Slice Garland – 5 Easy Steps


Paint four wood slices with acrylic paint colors you like. I used gold, light orange, and teal. Add more or less white acrylic paint to your chosen colors to get the desired hue. Let dry completely.

NOTE: If you’ll be hanging your garland where the back will show, you may want to paint the other side too.

Paint four wood slices in fall colors. Front and back if you'll be hanging your garland where both sides will be seen.
Start by painting four wood slices.


Next use letter stencils to paint the F-A-L-L letters onto your wood slices. I used black acrylic paint but brown or another dark color would work too. Dab the paint on with a stencil brush or foam applicator to avoid paint seeping under the stencil.

Paint the F-A-L-L letters on the wood slices using a stencil.
Paint the letters onto your wood slices.


Use a hole punch to make a hole into silk leaves as shown below.

Using a hole punch to make a hole in the top of each silk fall leaf to make fall garland.
Use a hole punch to make holes in the leaves.


String your leaves onto a rope that is slightly wider in diameter than the hole you punched. This will allow you to position your leaves along the rope without them all sliding to the center. If you’re using a rope or string that is thinner and the leaves don’t stay in place, try hot gluing the leaves in place.

Closeup of silk fall leaves strung onto a thick jute rope to make fall garland.
String leaves onto a rope.


Drill a hole at the top of each wood slice and tie them onto your garland with string or twine leaving a few leaves in between the letters.

Closeup of a wood slice with hold drilled and attached to the Fall leaf garland with baker's twine.
Drill a hole at the top of your wood slices and tie them to your garland.

That’s it! String up your pretty fall garland and enjoy.

Fall wood slice and garland finished and strung onto a white wood surface with a pumpkin at the top. Shot overhead view.


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