How To Make DIY Wine Cork Garland

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Handmade wine cork garland made using jute twine and wood beads. The garland shown has three wood beads between each cork. It's about 30 inches long and is shown on a live edge wood tray with a green plant and green glass plate accents.

Make decorative wine cork garland for your tiered tray or Christmas tree!

Making recycled wine cork garland is fairly straightforward but I have a few tips and tricks that will make things even easier especially if you’re making long strands of garland. Get all the details below on how to make a beautiful wine cork garland!


How to Make Wine Cork Garland – 3 Easy Steps


Decide on a length for your garland. If you’re making garland to decorate a centerpiece or tiered tray, 28-30 inches is about the right.

If you’re making garland for a Christmas tree, The Christmas Loft recommends 9-12 feet per each foot of your tree and they have a chart to help with this check out their post –> How Many Feet of Garland Do I Need For My Christmas Tree?

Photo of a roll of jute twine and garland being strung. It's recommended to work off of the roll and cut once you have strung wine corks and beads to the length you want.

Note: When making garland, I recommend working off the roll of twine and not cutting the twine until you are finished.


Start by drilling holes into your wine corks using a vice grip to hold the cork in place while you drill.

Drilling a hole into a wine cork vertically. The cork is held in place with a vice secured to a work bench.

I used a 3/16 drill bit. This made a large enough hole in each cork to pull the jute twine through easily.

Photo of a drill with drill bits. The 3/16 bit has been pulled out and is used to make a wide hole into wine corks to easily be strung onto jute twine to make garland.


Clear each cork after drilling with a small screwdriver or you could use wire from a wire hanger. This will make it easier to string.

String your cork and beads onto jute twine using a long beading needle or a folded piece of wire as I did here. Use it to hook and pull the end of twine through your corks and beads.

Photo of jute twine being pulled through a drilled wine cork using a folded over piece of thin wire. You can also use a beading needle. Using wire or a beading needle makes beading long wine corks and wood beads quick and easy!

How To Make Tassels to Finish Your Wine Cork Garland

Make a simple tassel by wrapping jute twine around your hand about 20 times.

Wrapping jute twine around the center of a hand about 20 times to make a DIY tassel.

Tie a piece of twine around the top wrapping it around about 3 or 4 times as shown below. Tie the ends with two overhand knots.

Note: I also recommend using a dot of hot glue on the knot to keep it from unraveling.

Wrapping the top of a wrapped twine three or four times around to make the top of a DIY tassel.

Cut the bottom with scissors and trim as needed.

Photo of scissors cutting the ends of a wrapped jute twine to finish making a DIY tassel.

Attach the tassels to the end of your garland and tie it with two overhand knots to secure it. Then use your wire or beading needle to feed the end back up through a few of the beads or a wine cork. Secure it with a dot of hot glue and cut away the excess.

Feeding the end of twine up through the garland through two or three beads or a wine cork and securing with hot glue.
Handmade wine cork garland feature image. The garland has jute tassels and three beads between each cork, two smaller and a larger natural wood bead. The garland is wrapped around a candle sitting on a stack of book in green and deep orange tones. In the backround is a potted plan in a terracota planter and a photo of a plant next to it on a wood clip board. Pin this image to your Pinterest craft board to come back to later!
Pin the image above to your Pinterest board to come back to this craft later!


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