12 Easy Must-Try Wine Cork Crafts

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Square feature photo with '12 Easy DIY Cork Projects' in a circle in the center. The circle is a muted yellow. The feature includes four snippet photos. One are succulent planters made from wine corks set in mason jar lids with three different vibrant green live succulent plants. A photo of boiling wine corks. A wine cork star. Last, a freestanding photo holder made with stacked wine corks with a photo of a tropical beach.

Clever and useful ways to repurpose champagne and wine corks!

Ask your family and friends to save up wine corks for you to make these beautiful crafts. Below are twelve unique ways to craft those corks into something useful!

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1. Succulent Planters

Hot glue wine corks into jar lids to make eco-friendly planters!

These beautiful, inexpensive planters make great gifts to friends and family or make a bunch for wedding or shower favors.

Here I used mason jar lids that I had on hand but you could also use recycled aluminum lids from spaghetti or pickle jars. Set your corks in place first to check that you have a tight fit to the sides then hot glue them in place. Fill each with cactus and palm potting soil and a mini succulent.

Photo of three succulent planters made from wine corks lining a mason jar lid. A different mini live succulents planted in each on a dark wood table with light streaming in from a window on the left side.
Succulent Planters

2. Wine Glass Charms

Turn corks into fun wine glass charms!

To make them just boil the corks in water for about 10 minutes. This makes them easier to cut.

Cut into slices and add a mini screw eye pin to the top and string onto a 30mm (1.18 inches) hoop-style earring findings. I used the branding on the ends of the corks but feel free to decorate them any way you like.

Overhead photo of eight handmade wine glass charms. Each made with wine cork slices. Here I used the tops of wine corks that had the date or other symbol already stamped on the top of the cork. Shown is a cork with grapes, punning sheers, the letter R, a crown, a rabbit and the dates 2016 and 2018. Each is on a hoop earring finding with brass and amber beads for additional decoration. All of the cork wine glass charms are on a white background with two around the base of a long stem clear wine glass.
Wine Glass Charms

3. Cork Memo Board

Make a memo board using a cookie cooling rack and an assortment of wine corks!

It took a little work to push corks into the rack in some spots but I love how this DIY thumbtack board came out. The baking (cookie cooling) rack I used here came from Walmart and has a .74-inch hole/grid.

To hang it, I twisted a wire hanger and used needle nose pliers to hook the ends to the rack.

Photo of a DIY cork board made with wine corks that have been pushed into the holes of a baking cooling rack. The corks are different shades of burgundy. There are push pins holding necklaces and pearl bracelets. There's also a vintage ivory flower brooch pushed into the board at the top. There are two notes both with butterflies pinned to the board. The cork board hangs vertically by a twisted coat hanger with a loop at the top that connect to the rack. The wine cork - cork board has a vintage feel with a hint of a red/pink book below and a pink tin with white flower candle on top as well as a small green succulent.
Memo Cork Board

Note: For this DIY I don’t recommend boiling the corks. I tried that and it didn’t work well. The corks expanded and crowded the spot next to it, making it difficult to push some corks into the rack. Instead, I recommend cutting the base a little on the sides or rubbing a wax candle onto them to make it easier to push into the grid.

4. Wine Cork Garland

Make decorative garland for your tiered tray or to decorate your tree for the Holidays!

I have a few tips for easy drilling and stringing, check out the full post for the detail –> How To Make DIY Wine Cork Garland.

Handmade wine cork garland feature image. The garland has jute tassels and three beads between each cork, two smaller and a larger natural wood bead. The garland is wrapped around a candle sitting on a stack of book in green and deep orange tones. In the backround is a potted plan in a terracota planter and a photo of a plant next to it on a wood clip board.
Wine Cork Garland

5. Cork Photo Holder

Make a free-standing photo holder in minutes by hot gluing and stacking wine corks together. Use a thumbtack to attach a binder clip and add a photo.

Feature photo of a photo holder made from wine corks. The corks have been stacked and hot glued to form a rectangle, self sitting photo cork board. The photo of Waikiki Beach is held by a small pink binder clip. The photo is on a stack of books with plants in the background.
Cork Frame

6. Champagne Cork Bat & Ghost Ornaments

How cute are these DIY Halloween ornaments?

They’re easy to make and you can get the free bat wing template and all the details here–> Make Halloween Ornaments from Corks – Free Template.

Photo of black bat and and white ghost made with champagne corks for the body. The white ghost has large painted on black eyes and thumbtacks holding flowing white squares of fabric for the body. The black bat has white painted eyes, black felt pointed ears and the wings have been cut from 2-inch wire ribbon.
Bat and Ghost Ornaments

7. Lucky Wine Cork Gnomes

Use a single wine cork as a base to make these cute lucky wine cork gnomes. I like to give these as gifts with a bottle of wine of course!

Learn how to make them here –> Lucky Wine Cork Gnomes.

Lucky Cork Gnomes vertical image with two gnomes with a green shamrock button on top of their pointy hats and long flowy orange beards. Two hanging on a wine bottle.
Lucky Cork Gnomes

8. Patriotic Wine Cork Star

Make a wine cork star easily with just a few supplies!

To make one, you’ll need about 30 inches of wire (I used 20-gauge steel wire), colorful beads, ten wine corks, and pliers to cut and bend the ends of the wire.

Drill a hole through each cork then use needle nose pliers to make a hook at one end of your wire. Feed corks and beads onto the wire bending in between to make a star. Finish by hooking the ends and cutting away any remaining wire.

Wine cork star decoration shown on a vintage wood clipboard. The patriotic star had different red beads at the corners and is strung from the clipboard with a blue ribbon.
Wine Cork Star

9. Wine Cork-Topped Twine Pumpkins

Use champagne and wine corks as toppers to make twine pumpkins. I made these to decorate my fall-tiered tray and these little pumpkins couldn’t be easier to make. Just cut ribbon pieces and burlap leaves to the top, then push your wine or champagne cork into the center.

Check out this post for more easy DIYs for Fall –> 15 Fall Tiered Tray Decor Ideas – Easy DIYs.

Two balls of twine are made into pumpkins by adding white ribbon and burlap cut into leaves with a cork for a stem.
Cork Topped Pumpkins

10. Wine Cork Tray

Make a tray using wine corks and a stretched canvas.

Get all the details on how to make this beautiful tray here –> How to Make a Wine Cork Tray Using a Stretched Canvas.

Wine Cork Tray feature image on marble counter
Cork Tray

11. Cork Sailboats

You only need seven wine corks, some scrap fabric, string, and a stick from the yard to make this adorable cork sailboat.

To make them, check out the full tutorial here –> DIY Cork Sailboats.

Square feature image of two DIY Cork Sail Boats with patriotic sails.
Cork Sailboats

12. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

You can make anything from hearts to snowflakes by stacking and gluing corks in place. Here I made a fun Christmas tree for my holiday tiered tray and wrapped it with copper wire and bells for a little something extra.

Miniature Christmas tree made out of 17 wine corks decorated with a string of red and green bells on copper wire.
Wine Cork Christmas Tree


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