DIY Repurposed Wooden Spindle Carrots

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Square feature photo of a bundle of three spindle carrots next to a basket filled with spindle carrot bunches.

Repurpose a few old wood spindles to make vintage-inspired spindle carrots for spring!

I’ve had an assortment of wood spindles in my craft bin for a while now so I decided to turn them into decorative carrots to sell by the bunch in my antique booth.

Most of the spindles were ones that I salvaged from an old broken table but I also had a few new ones left over from another craft. If you don’t have old spindles you can find them at antique stores, on Etsy, or purchase a few unfinished ones from the hardware store or Amazon.

Horizontal feature of a spindle carrot bundle and a basket full on a vintage picnic basket and chair.

This DIY was really easy but it did take a bit of time to figure out the greenery for the carrot tops and how to make it all work. Read on for all of the details and links to the supplies.


Horizontal photo of the supplies used to make DIY repurposed wooden spindle carrots.



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How to Make Wooden Spindle Carrots – 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Drill a hole in the top of the dowel

Start by drilling a hole into the top of your dowel about a half-inch deep to glue greenery into.

Don’t make the width of the hole too big, it should be just big enough to fit the stems snuggly. I recommend doing testing on scrap wood first.

Here, I used two sprigs of artificial rosemary and a 9/64 drill bit.

Closeup photo of drill with drill bits showing 9/64 bit used in this DIY.

Tip: Use two cellulose sponges to protect your spindle from damage when using a vice grip.

Photo of a spindle in a vice grip with a drill in the background.
Drill a hole in the top of the spindle to glue greenery into.

STEP 2: sand and paint

Lightly sand your spindles if needed and paint them with any orange paint you have on hand. You can use chalk paint, acrylic paint, or even spray paint.

Note: Be careful when sanding old spindles as they may have been painted with lead paint. I’m not an expert on this but you can read more about lead paint here.

Photo of starting to paint carrots orange with an angled brush. Working on the first spindle.
First coat of paint.

It took two coats of paint to get the orange color I wanted. The paint I used was technically formulated for use on glass surfaces so that may have been why. I did however apply the second coat of paint with a chip brush. This went faster and gave the carrots a textured look (photo below).

Tip: Let your finished spindle carrots dry on a non-stick surface like waxed or parchment paper.

Photo of a chip brush being used to add a final layer of paint and texture to the spindle to look like an orange carrot.
Finished spindle carrots

STEP 3: Add greenery

Once the paint has dried, it’s time to add greenery.

Photo of the supplies and tools used to cut greenery and glue stems to the top of wooden spindle carrots.
Cut and hot glue greenery to the top of your spindle.

Use wire cutters to cut greenery stems to size. Put hot glue into the pre-drilled hole and push your stems into the glue. Add more glue around the top.

Photo of applying more hot glue around the greenery top to better secure it to a finished spindle carrot.
Add more hot glue around the base of the greenery.

Here’s another photo of my finished carrot bundles. I did sand a few spots on each carrot to give them that vintage-worn look. I love how they came out and can’t wait to take them over to my booth!

Horizontal feature of a spindle carrot bundle on a blue book and a basket full on a vintage picnic basket and chair.


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