10 Fun Beachy Crafts & Easy DIYs

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Feature image for the blog post containing ten fun beachy crafts. The square image features four snippet photos out of the ten.

Unique and easy beachy crafts to try!

This post is a roundup of all things beachy. Being on a white sandy beach with a drink in my hand is my happy place.

If you love the ocean or lake like me or have a sea shell or sea glass collection that you want to turn into keepsakes, then check out all of the fun beachy crafts below!

1. Seashells and Succulents Wreath

Make a seashell wreath and add a few floral picks or succulents to the mix! To make this beautiful wreath, pick up a 14-inch wire wreath form and wrap it with 6-inch tulle. Both can be found at Dollar Tree. Then get creative and hot glue shells that you’ve collected (or purchased a few), and faux succulents to add your own unique touch.

Smaller image - Finished Seashells and succulent wreath shown on a white background. The top of the wreath hangs by a thick white rope and has a large white sand dollar. The shells and floral succulents have been hot glued randomly onto a sand color mesh that was wrapped around a wire wreath form.

2. Seaglass Painted Mason Jars

This is one of the easiest DIYs. Paint mason jars with a few light passes of sea glass spray paint to get this beautiful translucent look.

I used Aqua and Sea Foam Green but there are lots of other colors and you can check them out here on Amazon. To finish, I lightly spray-painted the jars with clear lacquer spray paint just to protect the paint. Then I added drawer pulls to the top.

Vertical feature image of mason jars painted with sea glass spray paint in aqua and sea foam green. They are topped with a decorative knobs in gray and aqua that look like sea urchins. The mason jar lids painted white with chalk paint on a marble background with greenery.
Sea Glass Painted Storage Jars

3. Driftwood & Seashell Mandala Art

Gather up your seashells and driftwood to make a beachy mandala. To make one you’ll need a wood disc. Here I’m using an 8-inch round craft board that I painted with rose gold acrylic paint. After the paint dried, I just hot-glued my design onto the board. Design your own with whatever shells, sea glass, or beachy finds you have on hand!

Vertical photo of a finished beach mandela art wall hanging made with driftwood pieces, sea glass accents and seashells all on an 8 inch round craft wood disk. I used hot glue to make a round repeated pattern with all of the shells in the center and driftwood pointing out on the edges like rays of sunshine.

4. Beachy Votive Candle Holder

Use a glass jar and Dollar Tree glass gems to make a pretty votive candle holder. This sparkly candle holder is perfect to light up your patio or make a few to decorate tables for an event like a wedding or shower.

Link to the full tutorial for all the details –> Glass Gem Votive Candle Holders.

Horizontal feature image of a finished DIY glass gem votive candle holder made with blue and green glass gems from the dollar store and an upcycled glass jar sitting on a weathered wood table outside with greenery in the background.
Glass Gem Votive Candle Holder


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5. DIY Beachy Lantern

This beautiful lantern is made from two wood picture frames and paint sticks that you can get for free at the hardware store!

Check out the full tutorials and learn how to make one here –> DIY Lantern Made with Picture Frames and Paint Sticks.

Horizontal feature image with DIY Lantern and beachy craft is made from picture frames and paint sticks. The background feature blue and green glass bottles.
DIY Beachy Lantern

6. Beach Waves Window Suncatcher

Never throw out an old window! There are so many things you can make out of them like this beachy suncatcher. Here I used acrylic paint made for glass to paint waves on the back of the bottom window pane. The top pane was missing so I picked up this sand dollar bead garland at Dollar Tree to add a little decoration.

If you’d like to learn more uses for old windows, check out my post –> 6 Creative DIY Projects to Repurpose Old Windows.

Vertical feature image of an old 2-pane window converted into a beachy window with acrylic painted water below and sand dollar garland in open pane above.
Beach Window suncatcher

7. Nautical Hula Hoop Shelf

Make a shelf out of dollar-store hula hoops, chicken wire, scrap wood, and rope to decorate your home.

Get all the details on this fun DIY here –> Farmhouse-Style Hula Hoop Shelf DIY.

Right side view of finished Farmhouse Hula Hoop Shelf hanging by a rope in the bathroom.
Hula Hoop Shelf DIY

8. No Drill Seashell bracelet

Learn how to make your own DIY Seashell Bracelet the easy way. No drilling and we paint the shells with nail polish.

Check out the full tutorial here –> Easy DIY Seashell Bracelet – No Drilling.

Easy Seashell Bracelet feature image on white bkg
No-Drill Seashell Necklace


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9. Container Beach Fairy Gardens

Make a beach container fairy garden to bring the beach home!

These little fairy gardens are the perfect size to brighten any room. Add any miniatures and greenery you like. Here I placed a few air plants into a large conch shell with sea glass that I found on Lake Michigan. For the second glass container, I added sea shells that I collected on different trips.

If you’d like more fairy garden ideas or more ideas for displaying air plants, check out these related posts —> Inspiring Fairy Garden Ideas and Easy DIYs & 4 DIY Air Plant Holders to Beautify Your Home.

Photo of a mermaid fairy garden with mermaid on a rock, conch shell with pink, purple and green live air plants, a resin shell with purple accents in a clear pedestal bowl of sand and light blue beach glass.
Mermaid Container Garden
Clear glass kitchen canister repurposed to hold a small beach scene fairy garden. Shows canister on a wood table with a mini teal adirondack chair, a mini sandcastle, shells, red polka dot flip flops and a mini yellow pail with red shovel.
Beachside Container Scene

10. Wine Cork Sail Boats

Make these cute sailboats using scrap fabric and wine corks. This is really inexpensive DIY, perfect for adults and teens.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial here –> DIY Cork Sailboats.

Feature image of two finished cork sailboats
Wine Cork Sail Boats

11. Beach Sign Wreath

I found this twig wreath and beach sign on one of my trips to the thrift store and knew they were meant to be together. I hot-glued a few shells randomly around the wreath and that was all it needed. This simple wreath reminds me of the tall grassy path that we would take to get to our favorite beach on Lake Michigan.

Beachy wreath made from a thrifted twig wreath with green grasses combined with the twigs. In the center is a wood arrow shaped sign in a light green that has a metal shell and says 'BEACH'. The wreath and beach sign came from the thrift store and I just hot glued shells randomly to the twig wreath.
Beach Twig Wreath


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