DIY Farmhouse Wood Signs Made from 2 x 4’s – Free SVG Files

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Photos of four farmhouse wood signs.

Learn how to make these DIY farmhouse wood signs and download the free stencil art!

The idea for this DIY from my local flea market. One of the booths had a big bin of these rustic wood signs and I was so drawn to them! They didn’t have all of the words I was looking for so I decided to make my own and add a few finishing touches.

Photo of a bin of stackable wood signs, painted white and distressed with one word per sign like believe or dream.
Farmhouse wood signs that inspired this DIY

These cute stackable signs are easy to make and pretty much free if you shop your garage or shed for supplies. I use a reverse stencil technique that lets the beautiful stained wood show through.

Below is a video you can follow along with and feel free to download all of the art shown (link in the Supplies List) if you’d like to make them.

Follow down to the end to see pictures of all the beautiful finished signs!

DIY Farmhouse Wood Signs – How-to Video


How to Make DIY Farmhouse Wood Signs – 4 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Stain

Lightly sand, then stain a wood 2 x 4 board with a dark stain on all sides.

Here, I used a dark Gel Stain in Mahogany. I love gel stains because you can get a dark, rich color with only one application. I applied one coat of gel stain and let it sit for about 30 seconds before wiping away the excess with a soft cloth.

Note: If you have an old board that’s already gray and weathered — even better! Use that and skip the staining.

Applying mahogany gel stain to my 2 x 4 board with a paint brush.
Apply stain

STEP 2: Cut Your Stencil

Use a cutting machine to cut your stencils. If you’re using the free Wood Block Sign SVG Files (link in the supplies list above), the files have already been set up to the correct size for 2 x 4 boards.

Use stencil vinyl if you like but I just used leftover Cricut vinyl that I had on hand.

Cutting stencils for stackable diy farmhouse wood signs out of vinyl on a Cricut Maker.
Cutting Vinyl Stencils

STEP 3: Transfer The Stencil And Cut Individual signs

Transfer your stencil to your wood 2 x 4 using transfer tape and a scraper. The vinyl letters and images will block paint from being applied to those areas. See the video above for more details.

Using a scraper to adhere the vinyl stencil to wood.
Apply the vinyl stencil to the wood board using transfer tape.
Using transfer paper to transfer a stencil to a wood 2 x 4 boards to make stackable signs.
Remove the transfer tape.

Next, draw a cut line and cut the individual signs with a chop saw.

Marking a cut line between signs with with a t-square and a pencil.
Mark cut lines.

STEP 4: Paint and Finish

Paint your signs with a lighter color paint and remove the vinyl stencils. Last, use sandpaper to distress the edges of your signs!

Photo of stencil being removed on a diy farmhouse sign that is finish and painted white. I used my cricut weeding tools to help remove stencils.
Remove the stencil after the paint layer has dried.

Photos of My Finished Wood Signs

Here are some photos of my finished signs. I love how they came out and I have a bunch to celebrate the seasons!

Hello Summer farmhouse wood signs shown with flowers and a sunny day in the background.
Fun summer signs on my porch.
Photo of a decorated three tiered tray with four DIY Farmhouse Wood Signs with Leaf graphics and Happy Fall Signs.
Fall-tiered tray decorated with farmhouse wood signs.
Peace on Earth farmhouse wood sign made from a 2 x 4. Four hooks on the bottom of the stocking holding stockings. Top of the sign has a small deer and eight magenta, pink and cream colored brush trees.
I made a Christmas stocking holder wall sign by adding hooks and decorations! It measures 24 inches.
LUCKY, PINCH, ME and a three leaf clover - finished wood signs shown.
Finished signs for St. Patty’s Day.
Overhead shot of four wood signs for Valentine's Day painted a light pink that say X0, BE, MINE, LOVE on a white background.
Signs for Valentine’s Day.
Photo of two wood block signs shown, EST. 1776 and AMERICA. Vertical Pinterest Image to share on pinterest boards.
If you love this DIY, Pin the image below to your DIY boards on Pinterest to come back to later.


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