Easy Sew Ghost Plushie – Free Pattern

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Square feature photo of a finished plushie ghost on a white backgound with paper confetti holding a BOO banner.

I made this cute Easy Sew Ghost Plushie from a microfiber cloth that I found in the car section at Dollar Tree! The cloth is 24″ x 16″ and you only need one to make this cute little ghost. The finished size (after stuffing) is about 12″ tall.

Easy Sew Ghost Plushie - dollar tree carwash cloth
One Dollar Tree microfiber carwash cloth makes one ghost plushy!

This Halloween plushie is soft and sweet and you can make one in about 30 minutes. It’s sewn by hand and I added a “B-O-O” felt banner to mine (link to the banner template below in the Supplies List) but this little ghost is cute with or without it!


Check out the video, supply list, and easy instructions to make this cute boo ghost!

Easy Sew Ghost Plushie - on a festive background with spider and creepy cloth without the boo banner.


Easy Sew Ghost Plushie – Video



Note: If you plan to make a ghost plushie to give to a small child, please be sure to secure everything and avoid or swap out embellishments that could be a potential choking hazards (like the addition of the eyes, banner, ribbon, buttons or small decorations).


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How to Make an Easy Sew Ghost Plushie

Start by assembling the ghost pattern. Print the pages at 100% (actual size) then cut and assemble with tape.

Next, fold your microfiber cloth in half and use stick pins to pin the pattern to the two layers of cloth. This will be a front and back for your ghost. Cut the fabric according to the pattern.

Easy Sew Ghost Plushie - cut from pattern

Add eyes to the front of your ghost and a mouth using a fabric pen or a fine point permanent marker.


With your fabric layers wrong-sides together (eyes on the inside), begin hand-stitching about 1/4″ in from the edge of the fabric. Check out the video above for more detail.


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Leave about a 3-4 inch opening at the bottom of your ghost. Turn your plushie right-side out. Stuff with Poly-fil and stitch closed.

Easy Sew Ghost Plushie - Pinterest Pin to share.

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