DIY Americana Scarf Wreath

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Square feature image of a finished American scarf wreath made with scarves and the top of a Dollar Tree round laundry basket.

Make this DIY Americana Scarf Wreath in under fifteen minutes using the top of a Dollar Tree (round) plastic laundry basket and a few red, white, and blue scarves.

All of the supplies for this DIY came from Dollar Tree except for the blue check pattern infinity scarf which I bought at Target.

I love how this wreath came out and I’m ready for the 4th of July! Below are all the details on how to make one.

How to make a DIY Americana Scarf Wreath

Cutting the top of a round plastic dollar store laundry basket with scissors to use as a wreath base
Start by cutting the handle top off of a dollar store laundry basket. This will be your wreath base.


Don’t throw the rest of that basket away!
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Open up an infinity scarf and wrap it around the plastic laundry basket handle to cover.

Next, wrap infinity scarves around the wreath form until completely covered.

It took three red infinity scarves to completely cover the wreath ring and I used safety pins at the back of the wreath to keep the scarves in place. I did not cut the infinity scarves. I wanted my wreath to have a little bulk to it, but that is an option.

Closeup of safety pins securing a red scarf along the back of my Patriotic DIY Wreath.
Use safety pins to secure the scarves as needed along the back of the wreath.


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Vertical photo of my finished DIY Americana Scarf Wreath against a white outside wall.

Then, I wrapped my one blue check-patterned scarf loosely around the wreath and secure it with safety pins at the back of the wreath as well.

To finish my DIY Americana Scarf Wreath, I decided to add a few more Patriotic touches. I used red raffia to hang a blue glitter star (also from DT) at the center and I made a bow out of another red infinity scarf.

3 Patriotic Crafts from 1 Laundry Basket PIN1 - Vertical Pinterest Pin to share.
If you love this patriotic craft, Pin the image above to your Pinterest craft boards to come back to later!


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