Three Patriotic Crafts made from One Laundry Basket

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Square feature image of a Dollar Tree round laundry basket cut in three pieces to make three different Patriotic Crafts.

Grab a dollar store laundry basket and make these three easy Patriotic Crafts to add to your fourth of July decor.

Decorate for Memorial Day and 4th of July in minutes with these easy DIYs.

Most of the supplies for these crafts came from Dollar Tree. I’m sure there are a whole bunch of other crafts you can make from a laundry basket but here are the three I made.

Click on the links below to check out each craft tutorial and list of supplies.


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1. DIY Americana Scarf Wreath

Make this simple scarf wreath with infinity scarves and a glitter star from Dollar Tree. I used another red scarf to make a bow for mine, but add any Patriotic decorations you like. This wreath is the perfect size to decorate your front door, porch, or patio.

Link to the full tutorial here –> DIY Americana Scarf Wreath.

Vertical photo of my finished DIY Americana Scarf Wreath against a white outside wall.
DIY Patriotic Wreath

2. DIY Firecracker Windsocks

These fun DIY windsocks are so fun to make. I made three from one round, Dollar Tree plastic laundry basket. These firecrackers are also made with all plastic supplies so they hold up well, rain or shine.

Link to the full tutorial here –> DIY Firecracker Windsock.

Square feature image of three patriotic windsocks, DIY made from laundry baskets and plastic table cloths.
DIY Red, White and Blue Windsocks


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3. DIY Patriotic Basket

This DIY Patriotic basket is the perfect size for a small patio table or side table. Weave any ribbon you like to decorate your basket then fill it up with candles, DIY Cork Sailboats, or flowers.

Link to the full tutorial here –> DIY Patriotic Basket.

Square feature image of a patriotic basket made from a laundry basket on a porch table, filled with two patriotic wine cork sail boats and the American flag flying in the background.
DIY Patriotic Basket
3 Patriotic Crafts from 1 Laundry Basket PIN1 - Vertical Pinterest Pin to share.
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