Learn How To Make a Decorative Bird’s Nest

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Square closeup of a handmade birdnest with two eggs on a wood tray.

Learn how to make a decorative bird’s nest in just a few easy steps.

I made three handmade bird nests in different sizes to decorate my antique booth for Spring but you could also use them to decorate a spring wreath or centerpieces.

Here I added a small bird’s nest to a glass cloche. At the bottom are a couple more photos and display ideas so make sure to read to the end!

Handmade decorative birds nest under a glass cloche with a galvanized metal base with plants and birds egg blue bowls in the background.
Glass Cloche

For a touch of softness, I added feathers. I bought a package of feathers (made for crafting) on Amazon and tried to pick the closest feather type to a Robin out of the bunch. It took a little research but I think I came close!

Note: Decorate your nest with natural elements like twigs and dried grasses to make it look realistic, just be careful not to bring in elements from outside that may have bugs!

Learn how to make a bird’s nest below.


Photo of the supplies used to make a decorative bird nest.
Supplies to make a bird’s nest decoration.


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How to Make a Bird’s Nest Decoration – 4 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Secure Branches With Twine

Bend several branches together to form a ring. Secure with twine as shown below and prune away any excess branches that stick out too far.

Photo of twigs tied with twine before pruning branches sticking out used to make a birds nest decoration.
Before pruning away excess branches.

My twig ring was a bit of a mess at first but after tying another side with twine and cutting away some branches, things started to take shape.

Horizontal photo of a twine wrapped ring of fresh branches in the process of making a birds nest for decoration.
After cutting away branches.

STEP 2: Hot Glue Twigs For A Bottom

Hot glue five or six twigs in a crisscross pattern onto the bottom of your twig ring as a base to hold floral moss in place (shown in the next step).

Photo of sticks being hot glued to the back of a DIY birds nest decoration.
Bottom of the nest.


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STEP 3: Hot Glue Floral Moss

Use dabs of hot glue and glue a small amount of dried floral moss to line your nest. Also, hot glue smaller pieces to the sides to cover up any twine that may be showing.

Photo of floral moss being glued to the center of a handmade bird nest.
Hot glue floral moss to the center.

STEP 4: Add Decorative Elements

Decorate by hot-gluing green Spanish moss to the sides and adding craft feathers (optional) and speckled eggs! The feathers I’m using can be purchased here on Amazon and I found these 1-1/2 inch white foam eggs at Dollar Tree and painted them with acrylic paint.

Photo of a finished handmade birds nest with a hot glue gun and floral moss in the background.

Here are a couple more photos!

Photo of a decorative birds nest perched in a metal green patina pedestal bowl.

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Vertical feature photo of a terracotta pedestal bowl with a decorative handmade birds nest with a floral bird.
Vertical photo closeup of a finished decorative birds nest to pin to you Pinterest craft boards.
Pin the above photo to your Pinterest craft boards to come back to later!


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