Cardboard Box Car Wash

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Square feature image of a colorful cardboard car wash to make with kids.

Make a Cardboard Box Car Wash with your kids on a rainy day!

I’ve made so many of these with my boys over the years and they love decorating the box just as much as running their toy cars through it. Every time I get something delivered my kids (and cats) eye up the box. They’ve made everything from houses to airplanes!

Our cat Ju Ju coming through the car wash in progress

Most of the supplies for our cardboard box car wash came from the dollar store and any cardboard box will work as long as toy cars can fit through it.


  • A cardboard box
  • 2 Dollar Tree feather dusters
  • Scrap fabric for the door
  • Construction paper
  • Markers/crayons
  • A glue stick
  • Kid scissors
  • Clear tape

How To Make A Cardboard Box Car Wash

An adult will need to cut the fabric for the door and the cardboard box, then the kids can have fun decorating it.

Here's our cardboard box car wash from the back
Here’s how our car wash looks from the back.

We used construction paper to cover the box but regular printer paper or kraft paper will work too. Color and decorate any way you like.

Cut strips into fabric for the door (don’t cut all the way through, leave the top intact like fringe). Then tape the fabric to the front of the car wash, inside the box.

Poke two holes in the top to insert the feather duster handles.

My oldest worked with his younger brother to finish decorating and they even added a “pay here” machine just like the real one 🙂

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