Tissue Paper Rainbow – Kids Craft

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Square feature image of two tissue paper rainbows on a white background.

Try this Tissue Paper Rainbow craft with your kids on a rainy (or boring) day! Just print out the Free Rainbow Template below, cut up some tissue paper and let the kids go to town.

I found rainbow-colored tissue paper at our local Dollar Store. The colors seem to be all different in the pack but I pulled out a sheet of red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple to get started.

There was no orange (even though it showed it on the packaging) so we improvised and used pink. The clouds were a mix of white and light blue but you could let your kids use cotton balls or even crepe paper streamers.

You don’t need a ton of tissue paper either. One sheet of each color was enough to make two rainbows.

Tissue Paper Rainbow - Free Template.



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How to Make a Tissue Paper Rainbow

To get started cut the tissue paper into 1.5″ squares. I recommend an adult do the cutting. The squares do not have to be perfect! And it goes faster if you fold the tissue paper and cut a bunch at one time.

Cut one color at a time and put them into piles so the kids can grab them up easily.

Cut tissue paper in 1.5" square.
Cut tissue paper into 1.5″ squares.

The technique above is pretty simple. Place the top of a pencil in the center of a square of tissue paper and twist the paper onto the pencil. Dip the pencil topped with the tissue paper into glue. Just a dot of glue is all you need.

Or you could rub a glue stick over your rainbow template and place the pencil with tissue paper directly onto it. Up to you.

Photo of how to wrap tissue paper squares around the top of a pencil and glue to a tissue paper rainbow.
Making Tissue Paper Rainbows in progress.

This was a fun project and it kept my boys busy for quite a while. Their rainbows came out so cute…almost like pointillism but fluffier. You can cut them out and hang them or just add them to the refrigerator if you have room.

Tissue Paper Rainbows-PIN01 - Vertical Pinterest Pin to share.
If you love this fun Rainbow Craft, Pin-It to come back to later!


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