Make Halloween Ornaments from Corks – Free Template

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Squre feature photo of a cork bat and three cork ghost ornaments hanging in front of an old worn wood door.

Don’t throw away those champagne corks, make cute ghost and bat Halloween ornaments out of them!

I was gifted a big bag of corks and champagne corks and the rest of the supplies for this craft came from Dollar Tree.

By the way, I love wine corks. You can make so many things out of them! So far, I’ve used them to make a beautiful Wine Cork Tray, Cork Sailboats for Summer, and Lucky Wine Cork Gnomes for St. Patty’s Day.

These ornaments were really easy to make and they came out so cute. I kept a few for myself and I put the other ones I made around wine bottles to give as Halloween party gifts.

If you’d like to make this simple Halloween craft, grab your hot glue gun, acrylic paint and a few other supplies list below and I’ll show you how to make them.


  • Corks
  • White and black acrylic paint
  • A medium paintbrush (to paint corks)
  • A fine paintbrush (to paint eyes)
  • White fabric scraps for ghosts (I used an old polyester t-shirt)
  • 2-inch (or wider) wire ribbon (I’m using burlap ribbon that I spray painted black)
  • Black felt (for bat ears)
  • Flat white thumbtacks (or paint thumbtacks white)
  • Small picture hanging screw eyes
  • Scissors
  • Stickpins
  • Hot glue gun
  • Print out of the Batwings Template

How To Make Halloween Cork Ornaments

Painting and Prep – Start by twisting a screw eye into the top of each cork. Paint your corks white (to make ghosts) and black (to make bats). I also painted the screw eyes at the end because they were bright shiny gold.

Cork Bat Ornament Instructions

Download and print the Batwings Template from the Supplies List above. Use stick pins to hold the batwing template in place and align the template along the top of the 2-inch wire ribbon.

You can use a wider ribbon but it needs to be a wire ribbon. The top wire of the ribbon is what gives the wings shape.

NOTE: I had brown wire ribbon that I just spray painted black so that is an option if you don’t have black. I actually think this worked better to hold the ribbon shape and stop fraying at the bottom.

Cut the 2-inch wide wire ribbon to make bat wings. I had brown wire ribbon that I just spray painted black so painting the ribbon is an option if you don't have black wire ribbon.  If you'd like the template for the wings we made, you can down load it here: Bat Wings Template.
Cut Bat Wings out of wire ribbon using the template provided.

Next hot glue the bat wings onto the black cork by folding each wing over 1/4-inch and hot glue from top to bottom. Bend the wings a little like an accordion (shown below) to position them. Last hot glue felt on for bat ears!

Hot glue the wings on.


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Ghost Ornament Instructions

You will need six or seven 4-inch squares of white fabric to make one ghost.

You'll need six or seven 4-inch squares of white fabric per each ghost.
Cutting white fabric to make ghosts.

Use flat thumb tacks and tack the fabric at the corner all the way around the cork. If you don’t have white tacks, you can paint them white with acrylic paint like I did below.

Use flat thumb tacks and tack the fabric square at the corner all the way around the cork. If you don't have white tacks, you can paint them white like I did below.

Paint eyes on with acrylic paint and a fine brush to finish, then hang them up and enjoy!

Paint eyes on with a fine brush then hang them up and enjoy!
Here are the finished bat and ghost ornaments!


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