Pineapple Earrings – A Fun & Easy DIY

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Square feature image of DIY Pineapple Earrings on a white distressed background.

Make these adorable pineapple earrings for yourself and as a gift for friends!

These beautiful pineapple earrings are easy to make and the perfect summer fashion accessory. I’m using earring hook findings but you can certainly attach these sweet pineapples to clips if you don’t have pierced ears.

I’m also using a rectangle bead that is about 20mm long in this DIY. Feel free to use oval or teardrop-shaped beads if you have them in your craft bin.

Below are links to the supplies used in this DIY and step-by-step photos of how to make them.


How to Make Pineapple Earrings – 4 Easy Steps


Cut a piece of wire about 4 to 5 inches long and start by making a headpin knot using your round-nose pliers. This will be a flat knot at the bottom of your earring that will stop the beads from falling off.

To make a knot wrap the end of the wire around round-nose pliers twice then pull the other end through the loop you just made…see photos below.

Photo of wire wrapped two times around round nose pliers to make a head pin knot.
Wrap the end of the wire two times around needle nose pliers
Photo of a head pin knot being made by pulling wire through the loop end.
Pull the other wire end through the loop you just made and pull to make a knot.
Photo of a finished head pin knot.
Finished headpin knot.


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Next, string your large rectangular bead on first, then three leaf beads.

Photo showing all four beads strong onto the wire that will become a pineapple earring.


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Make a wrapped loop at the top by using round-nose pliers and wrapping the wire two or three times around to secure it. Cut the wire close to the base to finish.

Photo of round nose pliers used to make a loop then wire is wrapped around the center wire 3 times to secure the loop to make DIY Pineapple Earrings.
Use round nose pliers to make a wrapped loop.


Open the loop connector on your earring hook or clip finding with needle-nose pliers. Attach your pineapple earring and close the open loop with your needle-nose pliers.

Photo of hook opened on the earring hook finding to attach the Pineapple earring wire.
Open the loop on your earring hook finding with needle-nose pliers to attach your pineapple earring. Finish by closing the loop with needle-nose pliers.



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