DIY Stained Glass Style Earrings – No Resin or Glass

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Square feature photo of finished stained glass-look earrings in full focus that has a light rose gold leaf pattern within a sea of translucent glass with shimmering waves in the glass look. The earrings are hanging in front of green succulent plants with pops of magenta on the leaves and turquoise accent in the background which are all soft focus.

Make beautiful stained glass style earrings in minutes without glass or resin!

These pretty earrings are lightweight and perfect for spring and summer when you want a more breezy paddle-style earring!

I love how they look like translucent wavy glass and all you need is a lightweight wire, Dimensional Mod Pod, and tissue paper!

Finished earrings hanging from a clear glass bottle.

If you’ve never used Dimensional Mod Podge, I have to tell you it’s awesome! It beads up and stays where you put it. It also hardens like resin but it’s a water-based acrylic.

Mod Podge Rocks has a great article that points out the differences between Dimensional Mod Podge and Resin and what projects work best for each. Click here to check out their article.

Learn how to make these pretty stained glass style earrings!


Photo of the supplies used to make stained glass-look earrings. Waxed paper, scissors, tissue paper (mine has a rose gold leaf print), dimensional Mod Podge, a tooth pick, earring findings in silver, silver 28 gauge wire, pliers for jewelry.
Supplies used in this DIY.


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How to Make Stained Glass Style Earrings – 4 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Start by shaping your wire into a teardrop shape. Make them as large or as small as you would like.

Use your wire cutters to cut the wire and your round nose pliers to round both ends into a loop as shown below. The loops at the ends should overlap but they do not need to connect. Make two earring wire forms and it’s okay if they are not perfectly shaped or exactly the same!

Photo of one wire earring formed into a teardrop and the other being formed by turning under the end with needle nose pliers to make a loop.

Step 2:

Place both of your shaped wires onto a non-stick surface. I’m using a sheet of waxed paper.

Next, place tissue paper underneath each wire form and fill the wire form with Dimensional Mod Podge. Use a toothpick to smooth any bubbles if needed.

Closeup of applying Dimensional Mod Podge to the inside of a wire formed into a teardrop. Under the wire is a piece of tissue paper with a rose gold leaf pattern. The Dimensional Mod Podge will adhere to the paper and wire to form a translucent earring.
Wire form with tissue paper underneath being filled with Dimensional Mod Podge.
Closeup of both earring wire forms filled with Dimensional Mod Podge finished and will need to dry for 24 hours before adding earring findings.
Fill both earring wire forms with Dimensional Mod Podge.


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Step 3:

Let dry for 24 hours!

Photo of a clock with the words 'Let Dry For 24HRS. around it.

Step 4:

Remove the excess tissue paper from the edges of your earrings and attach earring-finding hooks using needle nose pliers.

Using needle nose pliers to open the ring on the earring finding and clamp and attach to the top of a diy stain glass-look earring.
Attach the earring finding to the top.
DIY teardrop stained glass-look earrings hanging on an aqua dish.
Vertical image featuring teardrop earrings that look like wavy glass with a subtle rose gold leaf pattern. The earrings are translucent looking, perfect for summer and spring. They're easy to make and there's no glass or resin in this DIY. Learn how to make them and Pin this image to you Pinterest craft boards to come back to the tutorial later!


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