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Square feature image of a cardboard skeleton, a cardboard treasure chest and six paper clues for a kids pirate treasure hunt.

If you’re looking for a fun craft to do with your kids on a rainy day, look no further! A Pirate Treasure Hunt is so much fun and making treasure chests will keep kids entertained for hours.

As a stay-at-home mom, I’m always on the lookout for free (or almost free) activities to keep my boys entertained. Of course, there are the parks, picnics, and plenty of outdoor activities but if you get a week of rain like we did one summer, you might want to keep this craft activity in mind.

When my kids were younger they went through a whole Pirate phase. We even did the Pirate experience at Disney World with my oldest. If you’re heading to Disney I highly recommend signing up for their Pirate League Experience. Much like the princess experience (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique), boys and girls can get a pirate makeover.

After being fully transformed with makeup and new pirate duds they take the pirate oath and receive a special medallion to wear.

But back to treasure chest making. My kids loved making their treasure chests. We used a couple of medium size cardboard boxes to make them. Since my kids were young (6 and 11), I did most of the cutting and we used clear packing tape to hold it all together.

Cardboard treasure chest.
Cardboard treasure chest.

My youngest wanted to paint his treasure chest so I put down lots of newspaper and gave him Non-Toxic Tempra paints. Then I let him go to town painting his treasure chest inside and out.

The next day I printed out some Spongebob images and “Pirate Beware” art for them to decorate with. They did a great job cutting out the images that they wanted to use and my oldest helped his young brother 🙂

Treasure hunt activity with cardboard skeleton to assemble and maps with clues.
Treasure hunt activity with cardboard skeleton to assemble and maps with clues.

At the end of the week, we had a treasure hunt. The kids dressed up like pirates and I gave them maps with clues. I made the maps (shown above) out of paper bags from the grocery store.

Each clue on the map led to a cardboard skeleton bone. As the kids put Captain Blackbeard’s skeleton together they were given a new clue. Once they had the entire skeleton together they received their last clue leading to their treasure chests that were filled with beaded necklaces, dollar store toys, and candy.

Pirate Treasure Hunt - my son with his treasure chest open after the treasure hunt
Pirate Treasure Hunt - Pinterest Pin of maps, finished cardboard treasure chest
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This was such a fun craft and it got us through what seemed like a week of rainy days! If you’re looking for more activities and crafts for kids, check out the ideas below…

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