6 Unique DIY Tiered Trays Made With Flea Market Finds

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Square feature image showing items bought from the flea market to upcycle into tiered trays. Items like a coffee can, dishes, a fluted pan and old rulers.

Learn how to make beautiful DIY tiered trays using a mix of new items as well as inexpensive thrift store and flea market finds!

Updated: 6 Tiered tray ideas plus one more, so read all the way to the bottom!!

We have two Fleatique stores in our area that are chocked full of treasure! If you’ve never been to a Fleatique, it’s basically a large antique mall with different vendor booths selling used and vintage items. As the name suggests, a cross between a flea market and an antique store.

I just love browsing the aisles to see what I can find. On this shopping trip, I went looking for vintage items that I could make into unique tiered trays.

I wasn’t able to find everything at the flea market. Some of the items, like candlesticks, I purchased new. But the vintage items I did find certainly added the charm and character I was looking for!

Check out my DIYs below.


6 Unique DIY Tiered Trays – Video


1. Coffee Bar Tiered Tray

I love this antique coffee can that I found at the Fleatique on a shelf of old tin containers! If you’re looking to make a unique tiered stand, keep an eye out for unique cookie tins and other tins. eBay and Etsy are also great places to shop for vintage tins.

Closeup photo of a two tiered tray made for a coffee bar. The top is a red cheer coffee tin and the base is a wood candle stick with a wooden bowl full of coffee pods.

I also found this old wood bowl and rustic candlestick a few isles over – score! And I loved the original dark wood so I didn’t even have to paint anything. To make this one all I had to do was glue the tiers together with E6000.

2. Teacup Tiered Tray

Teacups and saucers are easy finds at thrift and antique stores. They’re also the perfect size to hold jewelry or other small items. To make a teacup-tiered tray, just pick up one teacup, two saucers or a bowl and saucer, and a glass candlestick from Dollar Tree.

I decided to paint mine with a combination of acrylic and chalk paint. It took two coats to cover everything but I love the pastel blue-green color so the extra drying time was worth it!

Teacup Tiered Tray finished with a succulent in the teacup with jewelry on the tiers.

Before gluing the tiers together with E6000, I made a last-minute decision to roughen up the edges of the pieces with fine-grit sandpaper. This gave my little tray a rustic farmhouse, shabby chic vibe 🙂

I love how this little jewelry tray came out. The worn look from sanding and the brush strokes in the paint give this piece the perfectly imperfect look I was going for.


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3. Star Tiered Tray

When I found this star-shaped tin and vintage cookie cutter with a red handle, I was inspired to make a Patriotic Tiered Tray.

This tray is smaller than some of the others but it’s the perfect size for 4th of July treats.

Two tiered star tray with red, white and blue candy in kitchen setting.

To complete this tray I also bought a set of unfinished wood candlesticks and a Star-Shaped Baking Pan. After giving everything a fresh coat of red, white, and blue spray paint, I just glued the tiers together with E6000.

4. Vintage Rolling Pin & Fluted Pan Tiered Tray

I love the farmhouse look of this tray made with a vintage red-handled rolling pin!

Bundt Pan Tiered Tray - feature image in craft room filled with neutral spools of thread, twine and ribbon.

Since the rolling pin was a bit heavy, we predrilled holes into the bottom saucer and secured the rolling pin with two 3/4 inch Phillips-head screws.

The vintage fluted (bundt) pan worked perfectly for the top tier and only needed a little E6000 to set it in place. Check out the video above to see how we made this tiered tray.

Photo of a tiered tray made with a smaller fluted pan in red with a red tin on the bottom.
Red Tiered Tray

Updated 2023 – Above is a smaller but similar tiered tray that I made to sell in my antique store booth for Valentine’s Day! I used the rolling pin handle (that I saved from the original Rolling Pin & Fluted Pan DIY above) as a topper on this red-tiered tray.



Craftidly Designs Horizontal Ad for Flower Market Paris SVG.


5. Scrap Wood & Vintage Yardsticks Tiered Tray

I found a bin of vintage yardsticks and this gigantic textile spool at the Fleatique and knew they would make a cool utility tray.

I have to admit, this tiered tray was a little more work than the others but it’s also my favorite because my son and husband pitched in to help build it.

Two tiered tray made with wood yard sticks, a tall textile spool, scrap wood and small wooden thread spools for feet.

We used 5/8″ thick scrap wood for the sides and glued a 12″ x 12″ piece of plywood to the bottom for extra stability.

My son cut about 8-yard sticks with a hand saw and miter box to make this little gem. Check out the video above to see how how it was made.

6. Three Tiered Tray Made With a Vintage Silver Tray

I found this beautiful silver tray to use as the base for this 3-Tier Tray.

This tray is tall (about 16 inches) and a great everyday tray for my kitchen island. I’m filling it with seasonal decor items but it would also make a great tiered-serving tray.

The top and middle tiers are stove-top burner covers. I also bought another set of unfinished wood candlesticks (the same ones as above used in the Star Tiered Tray).

3 Tiered Tray with Fall decor, pumpkin candy jar, hello fall cutting board sign, greenery and white accents.

To make this tray I simply spray-painted the wood candlesticks silver and glued everything together with E6000. I’ve been using the tray since the time of this post with no problems. I did however buy a two-part epoxy –in case the E6000 doesn’t hold up to the amount of use this tray will get. Here’s a link to Gorilla Epoxy if you’d like to use that.

7. Three Tiered Tray Made With Vintage Tins

Organize your space and add a little nostalgia with a 3-tiered tray made out of vintage tins. Get all the details on this easy DIY here –> How to Make A 3-Tiered Tray Using Vintage Tins.

Vertical feature image of a finished 3-tiered tray made with vintage tins.


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