Farmhouse-Style Hula Hoop Shelf DIY

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Square photo of a farmhouse hula hoop shelf finished with towels and beachy accent pieces hanging in a bathroom.

Learn how to make a beautiful Farmhouse-Style Hula Hoop Shelf with wood boards, chicken wire, two-dollar store hula hoops, and a little paint!

I love how this DIY shelf came out and it’s the perfect size for my small bathroom. This accent shelf would also look great in a living room, bedroom, or even as a small plant shelf outside on the porch. Pick colors to match your decor and a hula hoop size that works for your space.

Head on view of finished Farmhouse Hula Hoop Shelf hanging by a rope in the bathroom.
Front view: Farmhouse Hula Hoop Shelf

Most of the supplies used to make this shelf I had on hand. I just needed hula hoops! Unfortunately, my Dollar Tree didn’t have any out yet but I was able to get them at Target.

I had the galvanized hexagon chicken wire in my shed. Any hardware store or garden center should have it. In this DIY the chicken wire gives the shelf strength and adds a bit of rustic charm!

You’ll also need a few tools like wire cutters and needle-nose pliers to twist the wire around the hula hoops. The wire is sharp so a pair of work gloves come in handy too!

If you’d like to make a Farmhouse-Style Hula Hoop Shelf, check out the supply list and tutorial, or follow along with the video below.

Farmhouse-Style Hula Hoop Shelf – How-to Video


Supplies shown to make Farmhouse Hula Hoop Shelf - wo 22.25 inch wood shelves, unfinished, chicken wire and two 24 inch plastic hula hoops.
  • 2 hula hoops (24-inch hoops used in this DIY)
  • Paint that adheres to plastic (here is a link to the spray paint I’m using for this DIY)
  • Paint for shelves
  • White chalk paint or latex paint to add a finishing touch
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Chicken wire (18″ wide used in this DIY)
  • Two wood boards for shelves (mine measure 22.25″ x 5.5″ x .75″)
  • 8 ceiling or cup hooks
  • Needle nose pliers and wire cutters
  • Work gloves
  • A chop saw to cut shelf boards (or, if purchasing, ask the hardware store to cut them)

How to Make a Farmhouse-Style Hula Hoop Shelf – 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Measure and Cut the Shelves

Start by cutting the wood boards for your shelves. Determine the length by placing the boards where you’d like them to fall on the hula hoop and mark/measure based on that. Your boards should both be the same size and fit snuggly inside the hoops. I’m using 24-inch hula hoops and my shelves are both 22.25 inches wide.

Photo, Top down view, of one hula hoop with two shelves placed inside the hoop. Illustrates how to cut shelves to make a Farmhouse Hula Hoop shelf.
Measure and cut two shelves.

Lightly sand your hula hoops and shelf boards to rough them up a little so the paint will adhere to them.

Photo shows light grit sandpaper - 180 fine - with two shelves and two hula hoops in the background used to make a farmhouse hula hoop shelf.
Lightly sand shelf boards and plastic hula hoop with fine-grit sandpaper

STEP 2: Attach Chicken Wire to the Sides

Cut chicken wire to size using wire cutters. Use the depth of your shelf board to get a rough measurement. I left about 3 inches on both sides so I would have enough wire to wrap around the edge of my hula hoop and still fit my shelves in between the hoops. You’ll need to cut two pieces of chicken wire, one for each side. My pieces measure 18″ high x about 11.5″ wide.

Photo of chicken wire being cut 3 inches larger than shelves for Farmhouse Hula Hoop Shelf.
Cut chicken wire (two pieces) for the sides.

Next, use needle-nose pliers to secure the chicken wire to the hula hoops by twisting the wires together. When finished do the same to connect the wire to your second hula hoop and on the other side.

Close up photo of chicken wire being attached to a DIY Farmhouse Hula Hoop shelf. Needle nose pliers in foreground showing how to twist chicken wire around to attach.
Use needle-nose pliers to twist and attach chicken wire.

STEP 3: Spray Paint

I gave my hula hoops a light coat of metallic spray paint before attaching the chicken wire and a lot of the paint scratched away while I was working. Overall I noticed that this metallic paint scratched very easily! It wasn’t a problem because I planned to use chalk paint over it but I wanted to point it out.

For the shelves, I used satin Antique Teal spray paint.

Finished Hula Hoop Shelf shown with can of Rust-Oleum Aged Copper Spray paint can in foreground. This spray paint adheres to plastic and was used to paint shelf made with plastic hula hoops.
Use spray paint formulated to adhere to plastic.

STEP 4: Add Hooks to Attach the Shelves

Add two hooks to the ends of each shelf board so you can hook the shelves to the chicken wire sides.

Close up of a shelf board painted blue and two hooks added to the end of the board. Hooks needed to attach shelves to a DIY Farmhouse Shelf.

Step 5: Apply Chalk Paint

Apply white chalk paint to give your shelf an aged look. I lightly dry brushed white chalk paint over my shelf boards and applied a heavier coat to the sides.

Deep right side view of finished Farmhouse Hula Hoop Shelf hanging by a rope in the bathroom.
Farmhouse Hula Hoop Shelf - PIN for post-min


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