Make A Tall Table Riser Using Dollar Store Brackets

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Square feature image of a tall table riser made with dollar store brackets and scrap wood.

Learn how to make a tall table riser using inexpensive hanging plant brackets from Dollar Tree!

This is such a simple DIY that I hesitated to share it but I thought it might be helpful for anyone planning a wedding or just looking for ways to save space in the kitchen.

Riser shown with blue and white frosted cupcakes on it, ready for a party.

I’ve been looking for a tall table riser for entertaining. My kitchen is really small and I have very little counter space. I thought a riser (tall enough to put plates under and desserts or appetizers on top) would help maximize space.

Laptop on a DIY Riser.

Other uses for table risers:

  • Elevate a laptop or small tv
  • Put it on your counter for handy access to dishes and plates
  • Perfect as a cupcake or appetizer stand for weddings, parties, or outdoor entertaining

I also love how risers add height to a buffet table. Risers come in all different sizes. Most of the ones I found were about 3-4 inches tall. After scouring the internet for taller ones, I found a few that would work but they were a bit pricey.

So, I decided to make my own and the first place I stopped for inspiration was Dollar Tree!

I found these brackets at Dollar Tree. They’re generally used to hang plants on but I thought they would be perfect to use as legs for my DIY riser.

Dollar Tree brackets are about 9-inches long and with my wood board in place, the overall height of my riser is about 10.5-inches tall.

You can find shorter plant hanging brackets and they come in a lot of different styles. Just check your local hardware store or on Amazon to find ones that work for you.

Below is a picture of the brackets I found. I used the wrought iron ones which were a little over 11 inches long as legs for a crate plant stand (shown later in this post) and I have a project in mind for the scroll ones in the center.

Three different garden plant hanging hooks shown that can be used for legs on multiple projects.
Plant Hanging Brackets


How to Make a Tall Table Riser

To make a table riser, pick up four plant hanging brackets and a wood plank in whatever size you like.

Sand, then stain (or paint) your wood top. I had this thick pine board in my garage so I just added a coat of dark stain and attached the ‘legs’ with the screws that came with the brackets from Dollar Tree.

Applying a Gel Stain to the wood for a wood top.
Applying gel stain to the wood top.
Wiping of the Gel Stain to the wood with a soft cloth.
Wiping away the excess stain.


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Drill to make a pilot hole and screw the brackets on.

Drilling and screwing the legs in place to complete a DIY Tall Table Riser.
Attaching the legs.

Note: You may need shorter screws than the ones that come with your brackets. Measure the depth of the wood board you’ll be drilling into and buy smaller wood screws if needed.

Here’s a plant stand I made using an old crate and the wrought iron plant hooks for the legs.

Planter made from an old Pepsi crate with plant hanger hooks for legs. Outside in front of a green shed filled with colorful flowers.
Crate Plant Stand

And, you can make a plant stand out of anything, an old drawer, a suitcase, wood trays, or even make a crate from an old wood pallet! For some crate inspiration, check out this link to see different crates available on Etsy!

If you love this DIY, Pin the images below to your Upcycle of DIY boards on Pinterest to come back to later!

Vertical image to Pin on Pinterest of a DIY Table Riser. Photo shows cupcakes on the riser and party food around it.


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Vertical image to Pin on Pinterest of a Plant Stand made with hanging brackets for legs and a Pepsi crate, filled with flowers.


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