Quickly Organize A Messy Room in 5 Easy Steps

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Learn How to Clean And Organize A Messy Room quickly and efficiently!

Cleaning and organizing can be overwhelming even when you’re gung-ho and ready to jump in and do it.

I’ve tried a lot of methods and to be honest, I’ve spent a lot of time mulling around and getting nowhere. Yes, you can devote a whole day to cleaning and get very little done. I’ve been there, so I’m here to share my proven method for cleaning and organizing a messy space fast!

How to Clean And Organize A Messy Room – 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Work when your energy level is high

I know that I have the most energy around 10 a.m. (after coffee of course) and that around 1 p.m. my energy is starting to slowly fade. I recommend tackling a messy room when you have the most energy to do it.

We all work so this may not be totally possible but if you want to work quickly and efficiently, pick a time when you have the most energy.

Step 2: Pile It Up

Pile up the clutter I mean. This may seem counterintuitive but the best way that I’ve found to clean a messy room is to make a mess… sort of.

I like to search around a messy room and gather up everything that doesn’t belong there. To do this, I pick the largest flat space in the room, like the kitchen island, the dining room table, or the bed, and just start making a big pile. In Stage 2, you’re not organizing, you’re just putting all of the items that don’t belong in that room into one big pile!

Step 3: Tackle the pile

Next, you’re going to take things one by one from your clutter pile (or by the basket full) to spots and rooms in the house where the items actually belong.

An example of this is the dreaded paperwork stack. If you have paperwork cluttering your kitchen counter, it should now be in your big clutter pile waiting to go to its real home. Take it to the filing cabinet, home office inbox, the circular file, or wherever each paper goes. Just don’t get sidetracked and start organizing the file cabinet. Stay focused, tackle the file cabinet another day, and come back to the clutter pile!

This step should go quickly because you’re not organizing, you’re just moving things. Take everything from the clutter pile to where it belongs until there is no more pile!


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Step 4: Move on to Drawers, Closets, and Bins

Now that the surfaces in your room are clutter-free, it’s time to go deeper into the abyss (if you have time). Tackle the drawers, closets, cabinets, toy boxes, and bins in that room one by one.

If you’re cleaning up a big space like the basement then you may have time to only tackle one or two storage bins. That’s ok, do what you can and pick up where you left off at another time.

To clean a bin or cabinet, I use the same method. Everything comes out, shelves or bins get wiped down and I make a separate pile for things that will go back into the bin or cabinet and a pile for stuff that won’t.

If it’s a closet, take all the clothes out and lay them on your bed. Go through them and only put back what you love and wear. I understand keeping dresses or suits for special occasions but at least try them on to see if they still fit right.

Decluttering can actually be a very emotional process. For a little emotional support and ideas on what to keep and what to donate, check out my post…5 Easy Steps to go from Pack Rat to Minimalist.

Step 5: Deep clean if you have time

At this point, your room should be clutter-free. Awesome job! Take time to give yourself kudos. You should feel a little tired but super excited because you have regained control of that room.

You could stop here but if you have time, add deep cleaning to the mix by moving furniture, vacuuming, dusting light fixtures, washing bedding, washing curtains (they get dusty too) and just wiping down all of the surfaces. Extra credit for wiping down walls, and cleaning windows and sills 🙂

Those are my five steps for cleaning and organizing a messy room! I know if you tackle one messy room at a time, you’ll feel so much better, the air will even feel cleaner and lighter.

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