Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

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Get practical tips and home office ideas for small spaces.

My husband and I both work from home and we’ve had to get creative in carving out spaces to work in our 1300-square-foot home.


Below are creative ways to make a functional home office (or two) when you’re already short on space!

Make Workspaces Portable

With four people at home, we quickly realized that we needed desk and workspace areas. At the time of this post, our two boys are home in online school because of the pandemic. To give everyone in our house a somewhat quiet place to work we have had to spread out and get creative.

Both of our kids have desks in their rooms, and hubby and I have portable workstations.

This is the mobile/adjustable workstation he has. It’s can be adjusted to work as a stand-up or sit-down desk. The thing I love most about it is that it takes up very little room. He works in the living room so at the end of the day he can just roll it into a corner.

I have a slightly modified version of a mobile workstation, a laptop table stand. It’s adjustable so my laptop is now eye-level when standing. I work in the kitchen most of the time and this stand works perfectly for me at counter height. It has a built-in fan to cool the laptop too. At the end of the day, I just tuck it away.

I highly recommend looking into a portable solution if you’re short on space. There are so many affordable options available so there’s no need to work scrunched up at the coffee table all day! If you need more inspiration try Pinterest, Amazon, or visit an Ikea Store in your area.


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Organizing Tips to Balance Work and Home

With everyone at home, I felt that it was even more important to get organized.

Before getting organized we had papers, laptops, cords, headphones, and other work/school-related supplies scattered around the house. Down deep, I really hate clutter. I also want work to go away at the end of the day which means… out of sight out of mind!

To tidy it all up I cleared the space under our tv console to make room for laptops and Chromebooks. I also put two deep baskets under there for all the headphones and cords. Now everything is tidy and tucked away. This brings me to my last tip…


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Declutter to Make Space

Decluttering is the best thing to do when you’re short on space.


If a portable desk isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to have a stationary desk and work area, you could make one of your rooms into a dual space. To get more tips on this, check out my post 5 Tips on Making a Small Home Cozy and Functional.

To clear space for your new office area, consider donating that extra side table or recliner to Goodwill. Or try clearing out that shelf of knick-knacks. Trust me it will be worth it in the end and you’ll have a wonderful new space to call your own.

If you struggle with decluttering, check out my post 5 Easy Steps to go from Pack Rat to Minimalist. These are the five steps I use to declutter. They’re simple and you’ll free up extra space in no time.

I hope these tips help. Let me know what you’ve done to keep your family’s work-home life balance in check!

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