6 Creative DIY Projects to Repurpose Old Windows

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Square feature image showing glimpses of window makeovers.

Check out these clever DIYs to repurpose old windows!

I found a few old windows tucked away in the corner of the garage when we moved in and later I purchased a few more for specific projects that I had been thinking about.

Some of the windows had glass panes missing but they all had charm and character! I’ve found that it’s nice to keep that weathered look but in some cases, you may want to give the window frame a fresh coat of paint.

Note: Be careful when removing paint from old windows as they may have been painted with lead paint. I recommend using a lead tester from the hardware store to check for lead before sanding or scraping the painted surface. I’m not an expert on this but you can read more about lead paint removal here.

Photo of three old windows.

If you have a few windows in your basement or garage, it’s time to drag them out, dust them off, and make something new and awesome out of them. If you don’t have windows wait in the wings, you can find them at most antique stores, garage sales, and flea markets. They’re usually inexpensive, $10 or less depending on the size and condition.

Below are a few ways that I have found to repurpose old windows into something new and useful!

1. Flower Market Window

I bought this window at a local antique mall for just a few dollars and I knew it would work perfectly for my sign idea.

Photo of a six pane old window with Flower Market type at the top and a bucket of lilacs and hand painted flowers at the bottom.
Flower Market Window

It was missing a pane of glass on one side but I was able to move an existing pane to leave the bottom center open by pulling out the old glazing points with pliers and using a silicone caulk and new glazing points to secure the glass pane in its new place.

Next, I used my Cricut Maker to cut the vinyl words and acrylic paint formulated for use on glass to hand paint on a few wildflowers and added a bucket of lilac flowers to the bottom.

Photo of flowers hand painted onto the glass panel of an old window.
Flower painted on the backside of the window. This is a picture of how they look from the front.

To keep things simple I decided to freehand paint the flower on the backside of the window with a small angled paintbrush for the stems then dabs of color to make flower petals.

I love how this beautiful sign came out and I can’t wait to hang it up come spring!

2. Old Windows As Backdrops

I didn’t do anything to these chippy windows but add decorations!

I added duct tape garland to one window for a 4th of July porch decoration, and later in the season, I put two old windows side-by-side to use as a spooky backdrop for Halloween.

Photo of red and blue duct tape flags garland with small to medium white wood beads separating the flags, hanging on an old window.
4th of July Window Decor
Finished Black Crow Wreath hanging between two old windows.
Halloween Wreath Window Decor

3. Window Display Case

My son needed a display case for baseball cards to use in our flea market booth. I priced out new cases and even looked for used ones on eBay but quickly found that they were all out of our price range.

So I did what any good DIYer would do and went on a hunt for a large old window. This one was $10 dollars and it was in really good shape. With a little scrap wood from the garage, we were able to make a beautiful and affordable display case.

Photo of a display case open made from an old one pane window and scrap wood.
Window Upcycled into a Display Case


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4. Old Window Turned Beachy Suncatcher

Get your acrylic paints out to create a beachy window in minutes!

I used a wide chip brush to sweep acrylic paint made for use on glass onto the back of a window pane and dabbed on paint for a textured look to resemble sand.

The colors I chose were gold for the sand and swirls of dark blue and aqua for the water. The bead garland with the sand dollar came from Dollar Tree!

Vertical feature image of an old 2-pane window converted into a beach window with acrylic painted water below and sand dollar garland in open pane above.
Beachy Suncatcher Window
Photo showing the acrylic paints used to transform an old window into an ocean beach scene.
Photo of the back of my beachy window

5. Pumpkin Painted Window

An old window can make for a great big canvas! How cute is this pumpkin-painted window?

Large window with a pumpkin and sunflower painted on it.
Pumpkin Painted Window

6. Window Side Table Decorated with Glass Gems

I found this amazing idea on Hometalk. Sherre M. shared how to make glass gem art to repurpose an old window into garden art using Dollar Store glass gems. Since I have tons of glass gems I thought I’d give this easy DIY a try. Here’s a link to the original post on Hometalk if you’d like to check it out.

I used GE GE500 Silicone 2+ Window and Door Caulk to glue my gems to the underside of the glass. This caulk dries clear, adheres well to glass, and it’s also great for outdoor projects.

To turn my artful window into a table, I added legs from an old coffee table that I picked up at the thrift store for $5. I highly recommend checking area thrift stores like Goodwill and garage sales for old furniture (even broken furniture) with spindly legs before paying top dollar at the hardware store. Hairpin legs like these are also a great option!

Photo of a window upcycled into a side table, painted a light blue with glass gems glued underneath the panes for a colorful flower design.
Window Turned Coffee Table

Here’s a photo of the underside of the window after gluing the glass gems and a photo of the GE GE500 Silicone 2+ Window and Door Caulk used in this project. I later flipped the window over and used the flat side as my table surface.

This little table came out awesome and can’t wait to use it on my patio!

Photo of silicone adhesive and glass gems placed in flower patterns on an old window in the background.
Pinterest vertical pin to share featuring six snippet images of creative ways to repurpose old windows.



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