5 DIY Mirrors to Beautify Your Home

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Square feature image showing snippets of five DIY Mirror Ideas.

Beautiful DIY Mirrors!

These beautiful wall and accent mirrors are easy DIYs that will add a unique charm to your home! Check out the how-tos below.

1. Ribbon-Wrapped Accent Mirror

This Ribbon Wrapped Accent Mirror was the easiest of all of the DIY mirrors to make and I love the pattern. I purchased a Dollar Tree mirror and removed the frame so I could wrap it with a pretty ribbon.

Dollar Store mirror shown after the frame was popped off and wrapped with pretty peach, blue and light brown hatch patterned ribbon to complete a beautiful new DIY mirror.
DIY Ribbon Wrapped Accent Mirror


  • 7 to 8-inch mirror with a removable frame (I found this plastic-framed mirror at Dollar Tree).
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue


Pop the back off of a framed mirror and remove the mirror. Wrap satin ribbon around the frame and secure the ends with hot glue at the back. Then, glue the mirror to the back in place.

2. Turn a Picture Frame into a Mirror

If you have a picture frame with a glass insert, you can turn it into a mirror with Mirror Effect Spray Paint!

To update this thrift store picture frame I decided to turn it into a mirror and add a fresh coat of paint to the frame. I probably don’t have to say this, but the frame was ugly but I liked the raised pattern!

Before photo of a gold ornate square picture frame. This dated, gaudy frame will be upcycle to make a beautiful diy mirror!
After photo of a square ornate picture frame painted white, antiqued with brown wax a mirror effect spray paint applied to the glass. Finished mirror hanging on a green wall with books and succulents on a table in front.



Remove the glass from your frame and clean it well with a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. Spray paint the glass with a few light coats of mirror spray paint. To give your mirror an aged look as I did above, spritz water onto the frame before painting and dab some of the wet paint off with a lint-free cloth. Paint will not stick to the areas with water drops.


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3. Hairpin Accent Mirror

This beautiful mirror looks very ornate and intricate but it’s really easy to make. I used hairpins (bobby pins) and slid them over a gold-painted cardboard circle. Check out how to make one below.

Finished DIY mirror made with a cardboard circle and gold hairpins from Dollar Tree. This creates a pretty sunburst mirror.
DIY Gold Sunburst Hairpin Mirror


  • About 165 gold hairpins (Here’s a link to the 120 packs I bought on Amazon. I like these because they were bright gold. You can also get packs of 90 from Dollar Tree!)
  • 4-1/2 inch round mirror (mine is from Dollar Tree and it was a candleholder)
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold sequin ribbon (optional)
  • Lightweight cardboard (I used a cereal box)
  • Something to make a circle (I used a bowl and a glass – more on that below)
  • Pencil or marker
  • Hot glue


Cut a circle out of cardboard. I used a bowl to make a 6 1/2-inch circle and a glass to make a 3 1/4-inch center circle.

Photo of a black marker, bowl and cardboard from a cereal box used as a base for a hairpin mirror diy.
Outline the perimeter of the mirror.
Photo of a black marker, glass and cardboard from a cereal box used as a base for a hairpin mirror diy.
Outline the center of the mirror.

Next, spray paint the cardboard ring gold. Slide the hairpins onto the ring from the center, pushing them together and fanning them out as you go. Hot glue the mirror to the center and decorate it with sequin ribbon.

Photo of three hairpins attached to a cardboard ring to make a gold DIY sunburst hairpin mirror.
Add bobby pins all the way around the cardboard ring.

4. Ribbon Hanging Mirror

I love this sweet, simple little hanging mirror. Use any ribbon you like, just make sure it is about the width of the mirror frame. This mirror takes minutes to make and adds a soft touch to a bedroom or nursery.

DIY Ribbon Hanging Accent Mirror is easy to make. The ribbon is glued around the bottom of the frame and the ends with a bow hanging from the top.
DIY Ribbon Hanging Accent Mirror


  • Mirror with a wide edge (mine was already gold from Dollar Tree and it was 6 3/4″ in diameter and 3/4″ high)
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue


Hot glue ribbon to the outer edge of the mirror with a wide, flat frame. Don’t go all the way around, stop gluing where the mirror naturally hangs. To finish, secure both ribbons by crossing them and hot gluing a small bow to the top.

Photo of colorful ribbon being hot glued around the edge of a wide framed mirror to make a DIY Ribbon Hanging Mirror.

5. Round Wall Mirror Refresh

I’ve had this round mirror for years. The edges are a little chipped and worn so I thought I’d give it a makeover!

Before photo of a plain large round wall mirror.

My stenciling is far from perfect but I do like the frosted glass look. I think I’ll try this spray paint again but maybe with a self-adhering stencil to lessen paint bleed.

Large round mirror refreshed with stenciled frost spray paint for a light floral touch around the perimeter of the mirror and half-round 1-inch beads painted white and glued around the edge or the mirror.



Clean your mirror with alcohol or glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Place your stencil on the mirror and cover up the areas you don’t want paint on with craft paper.

Mirror prepped with stencils in place and brown kraft paper covering areas that shouldn't be painted. Can of Frosted Glass spray paint shown in the foreground.

Shake your frosted glass spray paint well and lightly coat the stencil areas. This paint turns frosted as it dries. Let dry and remove the stencil. Remove any over-spray with a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Paint the half-round beads (optional) and use E6000 to glue them around the edge of the mirror.


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