Decorative Easter Eggs Made with Scrap Fabric

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Square feature image of fabric covered Easter eggs in pastel patterned fabrics in a bowl with one on a table in front.

These cheerful, decorative Easter eggs are easy to make with scrap fabric and a few plastic Easter eggs.

Make them to decorate your spring-tiered tray, to add to wreaths, or as bowl or vase filler!


It took a little trial and error to figure out the glue and the right fabric size but once I had the formula I was off and running.

Supplies used to make decorative fabric covered easter Eggs
Supplies used.

At first, I tried using mod-podge but it was just too watery and didn’t set up fast enough. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I grabbed my tacky glue.

Tacky glue worked great! It set up quickly, allowed me to re-position the fabric as I went, and dried clear in just a few minutes.

I made five fabric-covered eggs with mostly supplies from my craft bin. Below are all the details to make them.


  • Cotton fabric
  • Craft (Tacky) Glue
  • 3-inch Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape


Image featuring four upcycle home decor ideas.

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Helpful Tips When Making Decorative Scrap Fabric Easter Eggs

  • Don’t worry too much about making everything perfect. Once you add ribbon and the glue dries clear, your eggs will look great!
  • I recommend snipping slits into your fabric as shown below. It takes a little extra time but it will allow the fabric to wrap better around the egg shape.
  • Use solid satin ribbon–not sheer. I tried and it didn’t work well.
  • Your hands will get a little tacky from the glue.
  • Add any embellishments you want from buttons to sequins to add your own touch.
Photo of six easter eggs covered with scraps of pastel fabric.

How To Make Decorative Easter Eggs Using Scrap Fabric – 5 Easy Steps


First, you’ll need to tape your plastic egg closed with clear scotch tape.

Photo of a yellow plastic egg sealed with a piece of scotch tape with tape roll next to it.
Tape the Easter egg closed.


Next, cut cotton fabric into 1/2-inch wide strips that are long enough to wrap around your egg once with a little overlap. You can cut any excess away later. Then cut slits into one side as shown below. This will help the fabric wrap around the egg shape better.


Horizontal photo of fabric being cut into 1/2 inch strips.
Cut fabric into 1-inch strips with slits.


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Start gluing your fabric strips in the middle of the plastic egg using tacky glue. Don’t worry about the glue being white, it will dry clear!

Horizontal photo of fabric being glued to the center of a plastic egg.
Glue fabric strips in the middle of the egg first, working out to the top and bottom.


To cover the ends cut a circle of fabric with slits toward the center as shown below. Then use tacky glue to glue the circle of fabric to the top and bottom of the plastic egg.

Photo of how to cut a round piece of fabric to cover the ends of a fabric covered egg with slits for this DIY.
Cut a circle of fabric with slits to cover the top and bottom of the plastic egg.
Horizontal photo of a round piece of fabric being glued to the bottom of a plastic egg.
Glue round fabric pieces to the top and bottom of the plastic egg.

Here’s a photo of how my finished fabric-covered egg before I added any ribbon decoration.

Finished fabric-covered Easter egg before adding ribbon and decorations.
Photo of a finished fabric-covered egg.


As a finishing touch, use tacky glue to glue the ribbon around your egg. Here, I used pink rickrack ribbon and yellow and purple satin ribbon that I had in my craft bin. You could also decorate your eggs with colorful buttons or sequins!


Vertical photo of finished fabric covered Easter eggs to pin to your Pinterest craft boards!
If you love this Easter craft, Pin-It to your Pinterest craft boards to come back to later!


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