How to Make a Fairy Garden House – Free Template

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Square feature photo of a finished miniature house with round callout type 'Make a Fairy Garden House'.

Learn how to make a fairy garden house that will add charm and beauty to your garden!

I made this little stone and cardboard house a few years ago with my son for his Tooth Fairy Garden and I’ve had a lot of interest in that DIY. You can see our little garden and read more on that here –> Tooth Fairy Garden DIY.

In the original post, I gave a link to the fairy house template but I didn’t dive into how to put this cute miniature stone house together. In this DIY, I’ll show you all the steps to make one. This house is about 7″ tall x 5″ wide.

Just so you know, this Fairyhouse does take time to make. You’ll need about two hours to glue the stone and moss to the cardboard pieces and a couple of days of drying time –but I promise it will be the shining gem in your fairy garden!

Below is a list of supplies you’ll need, how-to photos, and a short video with all of the details.

Horizontal photo showing the supplies used to make a fairy garden house.
Most of the supplies used to make this fairy garden house can be found at Dollar Tree. Not shown in the picture above…craft clamps, elastic bands, and waxed paper.


How to Make a Fairy Garden House – Video

How to Make a Fairy Garden House – 8 Easy Steps

Step 1:

To start, you’ll need to cut all of the pieces for your house out of corrugated cardboard using the temple provided in the supplies list. Go with the grain of the cardboard (vertical) for smooth folds.

Horizontal photo of cutting out pieces of corrugated cardboard using the free template to make a fairy house.
Use the free template to cut the pieces to make a fairy garden house.

Step 2:

Prep a window and cut the front door out with scissors and windows in the door with a precision knife as shown in the two photos below.

You can make a window out of anything you have on hand. I found a package of craft board laser cutouts at Dollar Tree in the shape of stars and used one to make a window. You can also glue together thin craft sticks or small twigs from the yard.

Horizontal photo showing a laser cut star from Dollar Tree that I cut further to make a window.
Dollar tree craft board star cut to make a window.
Horizontal photo of drawing, cutting and making windows and a door.
Cut a door using scissors and windows using an X-Acto knife.

Step 3:

Paint the window and door any color you like. Here I painted my door white and made lines to resemble wood by scraping away the white paint with a pencil. See the video above for more detail.

Horizontal photo showing how to paint the door and window pieces.
Paint the window and door.


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Step 4:

For all of the gluing, I recommend working on a piece of waxed paper. This will make cleanup easier and you’ll be able to move the pieces more easily.

To make the stone sides, apply a generous amount of tacky glue to the cardboard and push the stones into the glue. Let dry overnight.

Below is a photo of one of my finished sides. Note: Tacky glue will dry completely clear so don’t worry about getting it on the front of the stones or on the moss.

Horizontal photo of one side finished and with window, door painted and rock sides in place.
Finished front and side.

Step 5:

Tape the chimney together and add glue to secure it to the roof. Then tape the sides of the chimney to the roof.

Horizontal photo showing how to assemble the cardboard roof and chimney to make a fairy house.
Assemble the chimney. Then use glue and tape to secure it to the roof.

Step 6:

Use tacky glue to glue floral moss to the roof. I found it helpful to press the moss into the glue with a piece of waxed paper.

Horizontal photo of floral spanish moss being glued to the cardboard roof.
Glue floral moss to the roof.

Step 7:

Glue small stones onto the chimney. Work one side at a time and let the stones set up before going to the next side. Let the roof dry overnight.

Horizontal closeup photo of small pebble glued to the chimney.
Glue small pebbles to the chimney.

Step 8:

After your roof, and two sides have fully dried, you’re ready to assemble the house. Start by taping the sides of the house together using packing tape along the back.

Horizontal photo showing fairy garden house being taped together.
Tape the side pieces together with packing tape.

Then glue the roof on by applying tacky glue to the top edge where the roof will sit. Use a generous amount of glue and don’t worry if it drips, it will dry completely clear. See the video above for more detail.

Horizontal photo of tacky glue being applied to the top of a fairy garden house where the roof will sit to secure it.
Glue the roof on with tacky glue.

Important: Add more glue along the side seams that you taped. Adjust the roof and sides as needed and secure them with clamps and rubber bands. Let dry overnight.

Vertical photo of a finished fairy garden house held together with craft clamps and rubber bands as it dries.
Glue on the roof and add more glue to the side seams, then use elastic bands to hold your fairy house in place until the glue has completely dried.

Finish your fairy garden house by adding any embellishments you like. I glued twigs to the roofline of my house.

Important Note: I recommend keeping this little house out of the rain and setting it on a flat stone or a tile to keep it from coming into contact with moisture while watering the plants in your fairy garden.

Vertical image of a finished pebble stone fairy house to Pin to your Pinterest craft boards to come back to later!


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