Welcoming Pineapple Sign Made With Wood Hearts

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Square feature photo of a finished DIY Pineapple sign made with wood shims and hearts arranged on a wood board.

This cheery pineapple sign is the perfect decoration for any entryway or enclosed porch area. Make one for yourself or give it as a thoughtful housewarming or wedding gift!

I love how this sign came out even after my stencil snafu…more about that below. I shaped the tall pineapple leaves out of inexpensive wood shims and decided to go with a colorful ombre look for the hearts. Of course, use any colors that make you happy and match your decor!

Get the easy instructions and free ‘Welcome’ type SVG below as well as a list of supplies with links.

Vertical photo of the main supplies used in this DIY Pineapple Wall Art - wood hearts, a wood board and wood shims.



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How to Make Welcoming Pineapple Sign – 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Before painting and assembling, I recommend that you arrange your wood elements onto the board to determine placement.

Place the shim wedges with the thinnest part at the top– this will be the part that you’ll cut later to look like a pineapple leaf.

I also left space at the bottom to add the word ‘Welcome’ which I cut out of black permanent vinyl with my Cricut Maker. This is optional and you can download the same file from the supplies list above. If you just want the wood pineapple art, move everything down a little on your board to better fill the space.

Blunder Side Note: I originally tried to stencil ‘Welcome’ onto my board and it was a disaster! My board is made of rough cut wood and paint spread underneath my stencil. I painted over my horrible stencil work with a white wash and applied permanent vinyl instead. It was an easy fix but I thought I’d mention it in case you are using the same rough cut board.

Vertical image showing hearts and shims for the pineapple top positioned on the board to see placement.
Arrange your elements onto the wood board to determine placement.

Step 2:

Cut the top of each shim to look like a pointed leaf. You’ll be cutting the thinner end of the shim wedge.

Place three longer shims in the back and two shorter ones on top. My tallest shim is the center one.

To cut leaf tops, use an X-Acto knife and score the thinner end of the shim into a pointed shape. Then, snap off any excess by hand.

Don’t worry about getting perfect edges, any roughness can be sanded away…see the next photo.

Photos showing how and X-Acto knife and the top of wood shims and how to score and bread to be used to make DIY Pineapple Wall Art.
Score and snap away the excess wood to shape palm leaves.


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Next, use a sanding block to sand down any sharp edges or points.

Sanding block and five shims sanded to look like palm leaves for a DIY Pineapple Wall Art piece.
Sand sharp or pointed edges on each shim.
DIY Pineapple Wall Art with all elements in place before painting.
Here’s a photo of my welcome sign with everything in place before painting.

Step 3:

Paint your pineapple pieces and let everything dry. Then glue each piece down with a good amount of wood glue. Put a few heavy books on top while drying.

Hearts and wood shim components  painted that will make up the pineapple graphic on this DIY Pineapple Wall Art.
Hearts and pineapple leaves after being painted with acrylic paint.
Process photo of wood glue container and some glue on a heart about to be put into place to finish this DIY Pineapple Wall Art.
Use wood glue to glue elements in place.

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