DIY Garden Mushrooms Using Thrift Store Glassware

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Square closeup of a finished DIY Garden Mushrooms

Grab a few glass bowls, jars, old vases, colorful glass gems, and dollar store solar-powered yard lights to make these fun DIY Garden Mushrooms!

This DIY is budget-friendly and a great craft for adults and teens.

Check your kitchen cupboards for old glassware you can upcycle. Yard sales, thrift stores, and Dollar Tree are also good places to check. I found most of my glassware at my local Fleatique for just a few dollars each.

Photo of glass vase and bowl on a shelf at my local thrift store Fleatique.
Pretty glassware at my local Fleatique!

I’ve seen toadstools and mushroom garden decor made in different ways. I decided to spray paint mine with frosted glass spray paint and glue on colorful glass gems. I also added Dollar Tree solar lights to them. If you add solar lights, just remember to put your mushrooms in a part of the yard that gets sun during the day so they can charge up!

Photo of glass gems on the store shelf including a big container of mixed colors.
Glass gems in different colors at Walmart.

So let’s get to the fun part and make some beautiful glass mushrooms! Check out the video and details below to get all the details.


DIY Garden Mushrooms – How-to Video



How to make DIY Garden Mushrooms in 3-Easy-Steps

1. Spray Paint (optional)

Start by spray painting your glassware with frosted spray paint. I spray-painted the inside of the bowl to reduce paint wear from the outside elements. Above are links to the spray paint I used. This is an optional step.

Photo of three glass bowls that have been painted with three different frost glass spray paints in orchid, sea foam green and frosted coral.
Inside of glass bowls painted with frost spray paint for glass.

2. Decorate with Glass Gems

Next, glue on glass gems in any pattern you like. Anything goes here so be creative and put your own spin on it!

I recommend using GE GE500 Silicone 2+ Window and Door Caulk to glue everything because it’s waterproof and good for outdoor use. I got this tip from The Empress of Dirt website. If you’d like to check out her complete glue guide, click here.

Take your time with this. Some of my gems slid right off so I tried to glue them in stages to give the adhesive time to set up a little.


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3. Add Solar Lights

Glue a solar light to your mushroom top. Depending on the glassware you have, you can glue the top of a Dollar Tree solar light to your vase (here I flipped my vase over and glued the light to the bottom) or fill your jar or vase with gems and sit the light inside.

To secure everything, glue the mushroom tops to the bases with a solar light in between.

Top of a dollar store solar light in front showing placement with a vase (mushroom base) in front.
Dollar Tree solar light was removed from the stake to glue to the bottom of my clear glass vase.
Photo of silicone glue being applied to a solar light to glue to the top of a DIY Garden Mushroom.
Using silicone adhesive to glue solar lights and mushroom top to the base.
Showing option to fill a mason jar with glass jems and sit a dollar store solar light inside.
Another option: Fill a clear vase or jar with glass gems and place a solar light inside.
DIY Garden Mushrooms during the day shot decorated with colorful glass gems sparkling in the sun with a gnome in front.
DIY Garden Mushrooms Using Thrift Store Glassware

Another photo of my garden mushrooms at dusk.

Three DIY mushrooms made with thrifted glassware and decorated with glass gems, lit up at night with solar lights.
DIY Garden Mushrooms Using Thrift Store Glassware at dusk.



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Vertical image with three DIY Garden mushrooms in the grass with wild flowers behind and a stone gnome.


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