No-Sew Bandana Throw Pillows

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Square photo of two colorful no sew bandana pillows.

Make a few No-Sew Bandana Throw Pillows to spruce up your space! I found these colorful bandanas and knew that they would make perfect throw pillows.


These beautiful pillows took minutes to make and there’s no sewing involved!

You can cover a tired existing pillow or buy pillow forms. The bandanas I bought were 21-inches square and I used pillow forms that were 16-inches square.

You would think all bandanas are the same size but I bought different ones to make a Shamrock Bandana Wreath and they were slightly smaller– so do check the size before you buy.

Instead of sewing you could use safety pins tucked under to hide them away or velcro dots like I did. The sticky back velcro dots I bought were not specifically made for use on fabric but adhered to the cotton fabric really well. Since I didn’t plan to open and close the velcro (they’re just to hold the sides/flaps together) they worked out great.

You only need a few craft supplies for this project. I bought the pillow forms at Walmart. The bandanas I ordered through Amazon (link below in the supplies list). And the adhesive velcro dots and green twine came from Dollar Tree.

Supplies List:

  • 21-inch bandanas (you’ll need 2 bandanas per pillow)
  • 16-inch pillow forms
  • Twine or Ribbon (I used twine to tie the ends of the green pillow)
  • Adhesive-backed velcro fastener dots
  • Safety pins

How to Make the Fuchsia Button Bandana Throw Pillow

STEP 1: Lay the bandana (like a diamond) over the pillow form. Flip the pillow over and use safety pins to secure at the corners.

Fuchsia Bandana Pillows how to wrap and pin
Use two bandanas to cover your pillow form front and back as shown above.

STEP 2: Use your second bandana and repeat STEP 1 to cover the back of the pillow. To finish add adhesive velcro tabs or safety pins tucked underneath on all 4 flaps.

Fuchsia No Sew Bandana Pillow with velcro added to each flap to close up/finish
Finish by securing with adhesive velcro dots or safety pins tucked underneath the flaps.

How to Make the Green Tied Ends Bandana Throw Pillow

Step 1: Tie all four ends with twine or ribbon.

Green Tied Throw Pillow how to tie the four ends with twine

Step 2: Add adhesive backed velcro dots or secure with safety pins tucked inside to close up the sides.


Green Tied Throw Pillow how add velcro to finish and close up sides
Add adhesive backed velcro dots or secure with safety pins on the underside to close up the sides.
No-Sew Bandana Throw Pillow PIN02 - Pinterest Pin to share
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