Flower Basket DIY made with Dollar Tree Fence

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Square feature image of a decorative Easter basket filled with flowers on a porch step.

Check out this easy Flower Basket DIY and make one to decorate your porch this Spring!

On my last trip to Dollar Tree, they had all of the fun Spring decorations and gardening supplies out. Does anyone else get giddy over spring garden supplies?


I found these flexible plastic fence pieces tucked away on a side shelf. They’re not exciting at all but look what you can do with them!

DIY Decorative Easter Basket shown full of pink flowers outside on a table on the porche with red chairs.

This basket is big, about 12″ x 15″ and it’s really easy to make. Let me show you how to make this rustic-oversized spring or Easter basket out of plastic fence pieces to dress up your porch or add to your indoor decor!


Flower Basket DIY – Video



Supplies to make a Decorative Easter Basket


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How to Make a Spring Flower Basket

First, use wire or zip ties to connect two plastic fence pieces together to form a basket. I overlapped one small section on both sides.

Photo of two plastic Dollar Tree fence pieces together to make a decorative Easter Basket.
Overlap and wire two plastic fence pieces to form a basket.

Cut a piece from another fence and secure it to the bottom. See the video above for more detail.


Photo of decorative basket made out of two fence pieces shown. This photo shows a piece of plastic fence cut to size and wired to make a bottom for this DIY Decorative Easter Basket DIY.
Cut a piece of plastic fence and secure it with wire to make the bottom of the basket.

Next cut two strips of the fence to make a handle. Cut away any small pieces that stick out and secure the two strips together to make a stable and decorative handle. You will need two strips that are the entire length of on fence piece. Secure with wire or zip ties then secure your handle to the basket. I placed the ends of my handles on the inside of the basket and used wire to secure it to the inside of the basket.

Photo of two plastic strips cut from a Dollar Tree plastic fence that will be wired together to make a handle for the Decorative Easter Basket DIY.
Cut two long strips of the decorative plastic fence to make a handle. Wire them together and then to the basket.


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Use a dollar store paintbrush and paint your basket inside and out. I used chalk paint but any latex paint or spray paint formulated for plastic will work.

Don’t worry about covering the basket completely with paint. A little of the dark black showing through is okay and even gives this piece an aged look –much like painted wrought iron.

Photo showing container of Waverly White Chalk Paint, brush and paint in a bowl and the DIY Decorative Easter Basket partially painted.
Paint the finished basket with white chalk paint.



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Decorate Your Basket

Fill your basket with a pot of live plants or flowers if you like. It’s early spring here and I put my basket on the porch. We still get frosty nights so I chose faux flowers, faux wheatgrass, and floral sheet moss (links in the supply list to the floral pieces I used here).

Note: If you are filling your basket with faux flowers, add a block of floral foam to the center to stick floral picks into.

Vertical photo and Pinterest pin of a finish Decorative Easter Basket. Finished DIY basket is filled with pink and red flowers with green spring grass around the edges. The bottom is lined with a green floral moss blanket. The basket is white and looks like aged wrought iron. The entire basket is made out of decorative plastic fence from Dollar Tree.

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