Shamrock Bandana Wreath

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Photo of a finished bandana wreath made with bandanas in three different shades of green, dark green, light green and spring green. The wreath is hanging on a white background with three sparkly foam shamrocks glued the the bottom along with green mesh ribbon streamers for decoration.

This Shamrock Bandana Wreath is a super easy St. Patty’s Day Wreath to make. There’s no sewing and you only need 12 green bandanas, a wreath ring, and shamrocks to decorate.

I bought the wire wreath ring from the dollar store and it took exactly 12 Bandanas (cut in half) to go all the way around to complete this wreath.

I also added a few glittery foam shamrocks and ribbons I took from a kid’s hairband. Everything came from the dollar store except the bandanas which I bought on Amazon (see link in supplies list).

Supplies shown to make an easy shamrock bandana wreath. Closeup photo shows bandanas in three shades of green, a wire wreath frame and foam glitter shamrocks for decoration.


  • 12 Green Bandanas (This is a link to the bandanas I bought on Amazon)
  • A 14-inch wire wreath ring (found mine at Dollar Tree)
  • Foam glitter shamrocks and ribbon (or other decorations)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


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How To Make A Shamrock Bandana Wreath

Start by folding each bandana in half and cut. Don’t worry about getting it exact.

Cut each bandana in half.
Cut each bandana in half.

Assembling The Bandana Wreath

Follow these seven steps to assemble your Shamrock Bandana Wreath.

Finish filling up your wreath with bandanas and hot glue decorations on to finish.

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