How to Make a Pool Noodle Ottoman

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Square Closeup of a DIY Pouf that was made from pool noodles shown in a kids bedroom.

Learn how to make a sturdy and cozy pool noodle ottoman using Dollar Tree pool noodles!

Well, today I had a eureka moment. Why not make an ottoman – a pool noodle pouf of sorts? It took me a while to figure out how to make it all work but I now have the details to share.


This DIY started with me searching for a way to use this fabulous faux fur that I bought a year ago. I wanted to make something awesome with it, but I only had one yard to work with which measured 58-inches long x 36-inch wide.

If you have some awesome faux fur, cozy fabric, or even an old fleece throw, and you’re looking for a great way to use it, check out my pool noodle ottoman how-tos below!


  • 1-yard faux fur (or fabric you choose about 58″x 36″)
  • 15-20 Pool noodles (I used 20 from the Dollar Store)
  • Upholstery Batting (30-inches x 10-feet)
  • Clear packing tape
  • Hot glue
  • A measuring tape/ruler
  • Scissors
  • A precision knife
  • Sewing machine


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How to Make a Pool Noodle Ottoman


Use scissors to cut pool noodles to about 15-inches in length. I was able to get three 15-inch pieces from one Dollar Tree pool noodle.

Note: If you’re making a pouf for a small child’s reading nook or toddler’s room, you might want to cut the pool noodles shorter. This will also cut down on the number needed!

Pile of pool noodles from Dollar Tree used to make a DIY Ottoman.
My pile of noodles.


Start by using packing tape to tape a cluster of 6 or 7 pool noodles together. I used a shoelace to hold them together just to get started and taped the sides at the top, middle and bottom.

STEP 2: Start by using packing tape to tape a cluster of 6 pool noodles together. Tape at the top, middle and bottom. I used a shoe lace to hold them together just to get started.
Starting to build the base.

Repeat the process and tape two or three noodles on at a time to build up your ottoman to a nice round shape.

Just a side note, I used a lot of packing tape which does make a scrunchy sound. We use this ottoman as an extra seat and footrest all the time, and no one in our house seems to mind.

STEP 3: Tape another couple of pool noodles to the sides. Tape again along the top, bottom and middle. Repeat the process until your pouf is the size and shape you want.
In the process of taping and rounding out the base.


Hot glue cushiony wrap (upholstery batting) around the pouf and on the top. Here, I folded the batting in half to make two layers for the sides. I hot glued both layers together before gluing them to the sides of my pouf.


I also added two layers of batting to the top. If you have extra batting, add more to the top. You can’t have too much cushion there!

STEP 4: Hot glue cushion wrap around the pouf and on the top. I folded the cushion wrap to make two layers for the sides (hot gluing both layers together first then to the pool noodle side) and I used two layers for the top just to make it more cushy.
Cat approved!

6 Tips For Sewing A Faux Fur Cover

Finished pool noodle pouf (ottoman) shown with books on top and in a room setting.
  1. Cut your fur fabric using the shape of your pouf as a guide. Leave an inch or two-seam allowance and 3 or more inches extra in length so the fur can tuck underneath the bottom. See the picture below for more on this.
  2. Make sure the grain of the fur on the sides goes downward, toward the floor.
  3. Work with your fabric’s wrong sides together when sewing. I only had one yard of fur fabric so I had to cut two pieces for the side (which meant two side seams). I sewed the side pieces together first, then I sewed on the top.
  4. I didn’t use a special presser foot. I use my sewing machine’s standard presser foot and just set it to a wide stitch.
  5. You can use pins and clips to hold your fabric pieces together but found it easier just to sew slowly making sure I was sewing through both layers of fabric as I went.
  6. Faux fur is messy! To minimize the mess I recommend shaking each piece outside and even cutting outside if you can.


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Here’s a photo of the bottom of my ottoman. I had planned to use canvas fabric to cover the bottom but in the end I found that I really didn’t need to. The fabric was stretchy and fit much like a slipcover and naturally tucked under the bottom of the pouf.

Bottom of my pool noodle ottoman shown. It is uncovered so you can see the pool noodles and the faux fur sides tuck under much like a slip cover.
Bottom of my ottoman.
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    Do you think a child would be able to sit on this? Trying to come up with some creative flexible seating for my 3rd grade classroom. Thanks!

    1. Dawn Stewart

      Hi Meredith! Yes, we sit on it all the time and it’s quite sturdy. It’s a good DIY if you have a bunch of pool noodles at the end of summer.

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