6 DIY Interior Design Tips to Decorate Like a Pro

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Square photo of a room with books and frames on a white wall.

Whether you’re remodeling or just giving a room a refresh, check out these 6 DIY Interior Design Tips to Decorate Like a Pro!


I love watching home interior design shows and seeing the befores and afters. Sometimes the changes are over the top and other times they’re simple fixes using the home owners existing furniture and accents.

As a graphic designer I’ve noticed that the designers always come back to a few key design principles when designing a space. I’ve also recently moved into a fixer-upper so I’m smack dab in the middle of painting and remodeling myself.

Here are 6 DIY Interior Design Tips to Decorate Like a Pro that will help you create an interior oasis lets your own unique style shine.

1. White Space

White space is a place to rest your eyes. You may be tempted to fill every wall, nook and cranny to create a homey vibe but doing that may have an opposite effect and make your space feel small and cluttered. Just remember, less is more sometime. Plus less stuff means less dusting.

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2. Color and Patterns

If you’re unsure about what colors and patterns to go with I recommend keeping it simple. You really can’t go wrong with a neutral wall color and pops of color with room accents, artwork or just a feature wall with vibrant wallpaper.

3. Keep it Light and Airy

This is a personal preference but I like a lot of light in my rooms, preferably natural light. If you don’t have natural light pouring into a room not to worry, there are are a few things you can do to add that light happy feeling. The right accent lamps and lighting can help or maybe you just need to get rid of heavy curtains or drapery. If you have darker furniture try adding light colored accent pillows. These little tricks can make a room feel light and breezy.

4. Hang Pictures at Eye-Level

This is an extra one and there really is no hard and fast rule on this but avoid hanging art work too high or too low. Most of us are between 5 and 6 feet tall, so in general it’s best to hang artwork at a comfortable (eye) level.

5. Buy Furniture that Fits the Space

Before heading to the furniture store I always make a quick sketch of the room I plan to furnish. Helpful things to include: rough furniture placement ideas, overall room size and location of door ways.

Beyond measurements, determine the sightlines in the room in relationship to focal points like the tv or fireplace. At our house a comfortable view of the TV is important in the family room. No one like to have to sit where there’s an awkward sideview of the tv screen 🙁


With measurements and rough sketches in hand you’ll be able to determine if that sectional you love will fits your family room before it’s delivered.

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6. Check the Balance in the Room

After everything is in place in a room I like to step as far back as possible (even out of the room) and look at the space as a whole. I find this helpful to see if the room feels unbalanced.

Step back and look at the height of the pieces in the room and the angles of the furniture.

Be open to making a last minute decision to move a book shelf or take an extra chair out out of the room.

If you have any other interior design tips to add let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your ideas.

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