Make a DIY Snowman Kit

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Square feature photo showing all of the elements of a DIY Snowman kit.

Make a DIY Snowman Kit out of Dollar Store supplies and things you have around the house!

Do you live in an area where you get snow? If so, then you probably know how excited kids get when they see the first snow of the season.

We live on the East Coast and usually get at least one good snow day each year, and by good I mean the type of snow that sticks together so you can make snow forts and snow people!

Every year my two boys look all through the house, usually in their wet boots and soaked clothes, to find a hat and other items to deck out their snowman. This year I have a basket all ready for them!

Update: See our snowman at the bottom of this post.

Step 1 – A Container

Use any container you have on hand for this kit. I used this Flexible Plastic Storage Tub from Dollar Tree. It was a perfect size and I like that it’s plastic so the kids can take it out into the snow.

DIY Snowman Kit - Horizontal image with Snowman bucket on bench that contains the DIY hat (showing), scarf (showing) and all of the other supplies are in the bucket (not shown).

To add a little decoration to my tub, I bought some Dollar Tree Glitter Vinyl. I was too lazy to drag my cutting machine out so I just cut the shapes out with scissors. It worked great and my container was decorated in minutes!


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Step 2 – How to Make A Snowman Top Hat

I have a whole post on how to make this cute, full-sized hat! Check out the complete DIY here –> DIY Snowman Hat made from Dollar Store Supplies.

Feature image of finished DIY Snowman Hat in a wintery scene on a stack of white washed books.
DIY Snowman Hat

Step 3 – How to Make a Carrot Nose

If you don’t usually have full-sized carrots in your refrigerator, make one using orange ribbon and aluminum foil.

Supplies used to make a carrot nose for a DIY Snowman Kit. Four supplies show, colored pencil, orange ribbon, green twine and tin foil.
Supplies to make a Carrot Nose.

To make a carrot, start by pulling a large piece of tin foil off the roll. Hot glue a pencil or dowel to the foil first, then begin rolling the foil to form a carrot. Pull or cut away any excess.

Hot gluing pencil to foil to wrap and make a carrot nose.
Hot glue a pencil to foil and wrap to form a carrot nose.

Next wrap orange ribbon around the foil. Then wrap green twine around the top. Secure with hot glue as needed.

Hot gluing green twine to the top of a DIY carrot snowman nose.
Wrap the ribbon and twine around the foil. Hot glue as needed to form a carrot.

Can’t find one of the supplies mentioned above? Here are a few other things you could use… Strips of fabric, yarn, twine, or deco mesh.

Step 4 – How to Make Eyes and a Mouth for Your Snowman

Supplies show here to make a mouth and eye pieces for a DIY Snowman Kit. Supplies include a foam ball, 5-6 mini ornament balls, colored pencils and black spray paint.
Supplies to make eyes and a mouth.

I used five small Dollar Tree ball ornaments to make the pieces for a mouth. I gave the ornaments a quick coat of black spray paint to make them look like coal. Then I hot glued the sharpened end of a colored pencil (that I cut in half) to the end of each ornament.

Shown five small ball ornaments spray painted black and colored pencil half glued to the top to make pieces for a mouth in a DIY Snowman Kit.
Five ball ornaments for a mouth.

To make the eyes, I cut a Dollar Tree Foam Ball in half and spray-painted both halves black. Again, I pushed the sharpened end of a colored pencil (that I cut in half) into the foam and secured it with a little hot glue.

Foam ball cut in half and spray painted black to make eyes.
Foam ball cut in half to make eyes.

Can’t find one of the supplies mentioned above? Here are a few other things you could use…Large beads, buttons, bells, jar lids, walnut halves, pom-poms, ping pong balls.


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Step 5 – How to Make Buttons

To make oversized buttons for my DIY Snowman Kit, I used the lids from Dollar Tree Holiday Containers that were 4.75″ in diameter.

I liked the look of the scalloped edge on these lids but if you can’t find these containers at your Dollar Tree you could simply spray paint foam disks or use one of the other supplies mentioned below.

Supplies shown that were used to make big buttons for a DIY Snowman Kit. Supplies included red treat container lids, floral foam, snowflake ornaments and colored pencils.
Supplies to make large buttons.

To make these buttons, I first cut my floral foam disks down a little and hot glued them to the back of the lids. Next, I pushed the sharpened end of a colored pencil (that I cut in half) into the foam and added a little hot glue.

Push half of a colored pencil into the foam back of button and secure with a little hot glue.
Push the pointed end of a pencil into the foam back of the button and add a little hot glue to secure it.

I hot glued snowflake ornaments to the front of my buttons. If you prefer the look of buttonholes, just use a black permanent marker and draw 2 circles onto the front of your buttons.

Snowflake ornament hot glued to the button front.
Hot glue decoration to button front.

Can’t find one of the supplies mentioned above? Here are a few other things you could use…Anything round like plastic container lids, lids from jars, wood slices, plastic ornaments, or foam balls

Step 6 – How to Make a Simple Pipe

Shown a simple pipe with a color pencil and a coffee k-cup spray painted black.
Finished pipe.

I made a very simple pipe for my DIY Snowman Kit using an empty plastic Coffee K-Cup (spray painted black) and a colored pencil.

Step 7 – A Scarf

Don’t forget to add a Dollar Tree scarf to your Snowman!

DIY Snowman Kit - snowman in our yard


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DIY Snowman Kit from


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