How to Make a Jingle Bell Wreath

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Square feature photo of a finished Jingle Bell & Ribbon wreath on a white wood background. This is a small sized wreath made with large decorative bells, 2-inch red and black check ribbon and a wire hanger. The decoration at the top is a red berries and red velvet Poinsettia pick.

Make this beautiful Jingle Bell & Ribbon Wreath in minutes with supplies from Dollar Tree!

This wreath measures about 6-7 inches in diameter but you can certainly make a larger one. I like this size because it’s perfect to hang in a small window or place in a bowl as filler.

It may look complicated to make but it’s quite simple. For a better look, check out the video and photos below!

Photo of three jingle bells in the palm of a hand to show size.

DIY Jingle Bell Wreath – How-to Video

Photo of the supplies used to make jingle bell and ribbon wreaths. Shown is a wire hanger, two packages contain nine bells each, red and black check wire ribbon, pliers and wire cutters.


How to Make a Jingle Bell & Ribbon Wreath – 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Cut Wire To Size

Cut the ends off of a wire hanger and use just the straight bottom part. You will need about 15 inches of the straight wire hanger.

String your ribbon onto the wire first by pushing the hanger through the center of the wire ribbon. Next, add a bell.

Closeup of red and black buffalo check wire ribbon fed onto a coat hanger wire with a bell in the middle. Repeat this pattern until all nine bells have been fed onto the wire to make a jingle bell and ribbon holiday wreath.
String ribbon and bells onto the wire hanger in a ribbon candy (zig-zag) fashion.

STEP 2: Weave Ribbon And Bells Onto The Wire

Continue weaving ribbons and bells in an under-and-over fashion onto the wire. Leave about 3 inches of ribbon between and fill up the wire. See the video above for a more detailed look at this process.

Note: Do not precut the ribbon, work off the roll and cut at the end to ensure you have enough to work with.

Photo showing a roll of wire ribbon being fed onto a wire with bell in between - nearly finished process shot to make a jingle bell and ribbon wreath.
String ribbon and bells onto the wire hanger in a ribbon candy (zig-zag) fashion.

STEP 3: Hook The Ends To Form A Wreath

Cut then bend both ends of the hanger with pliers to make a hook shape. Hook the ends together and form into a circle by hand. To finish, add a decoration or floral pick to the top.

Vertical process photo of turning and hooking the two ends of a hanger together to finish a jingle bell wreath. There is a circle callout on the image that highlights the two wires hooked together. In the background are pliers and wire cutters.
Use pliers to turn both ends of the wire hanger under and hook them together.


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