DIY Rustic Snowflake Coasters

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Photo of finished snowflake coasters in festive holiday colors with sprigs of pine in the background.

Make these rustic DIY Snowflake Coasters to give as Christmas gifts or for your own holiday entertaining!

This is such a fun and easy craft. Remember making paper snowflakes? I made four different paper snowflakes and used them as stencils to make a pattern onto wood slices.

The wood slices I bought worked really well for coasters. They were similar in size, smooth, and evenly cut to the same thickness! I put a link to the ones I used in the supplies list below.

To make your own unique snowflake coasters, check out the how-tos and photos below.


How to Make DIY Snowflake Coasters

Start by making paper snowflakes a little larger than the size of the wood slice, just like when you were a kid. Fold a square piece of paper in half, then into quarters, then into a triangle shape. Cut diamond slices and square shapes out of the folded paper.

Make paper snowflakes about the size of your coasters.
Make paper snowflakes about the size of your coasters.

Next, lightly coat your snowflake on one side with a repositionable spray adhesive. Make sure to do this outside where it’s well-ventilated.

Note: If your adhesive goops or looks drippy, use a napkin to remove some of it before placing your snowflake onto the wood slice. I noticed that over spraying made it difficult to peel up the paper later.

Spray the paper snowflake with repositionable stencil 
spray adhesive and apply to wood slice.
Spray the paper snowflake stencil
with a repositionable spray adhesive and apply it to the wood slice.

Now use a foam applicator to brush Mod Podge over the snowflake just where the wood shows through.

Apply Mod Podge to wood areas with a foam applicator or paint brush.
Apply Mod Podge to wood areas with a foam applicator or paintbrush.

Sprinkle glitter generously over the Mod Podge.

Tip: Use a paper plate so you can catch the excess glitter and put it back into your bottle. Then, gently pat the glitter layer with a paper towel to help the glitter set into the glue.

Lighly pat paper towel over glitter layer.
Lightly pat a paper towel over the glitter layer.


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Let everything set for a few minutes, then remove the paper snowflake layer and tap off any excess glitter.

Remove paper snowflake.
Remove the paper snowflake.
Rustic Snowflake Coasters- glitter design after snowflake removed-min
Here’s my blue snowflake coaster.

After a couple of hours, your coasters should be dry and you can use a dry paintbrush to gently brush away any excess glitter. Don’t worry if you can’t get it all though.

To protect your coasters, paint on a coat of clear polyurethane or another wood sealer.

Note: Polyurethane as with other wood sealers will be dry in 24 hours but takes up to 21 days to fully cure.


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Rustic Snowflake Coasters- clear excess glitter with brush-min
Once dry, use a clean, dry paintbrush to brush away excess glitter.
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