Decorative Turkey Centerpiece – Easy DIY

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Square feature image of a turkey centerpiece finished on a counter.

Make this cute Decorative Turkey Centerpiece for Thanksgiving!

I cleaned out my utensil drawer recently and found an abundance of wooden spoons. Five is all you need for this easy craft. If your spoons are different lengths, not to worry, just cut the handles with a small hacksaw so the spoons sit in your jar at the height you want.

For this craft, I used a pickle jar. You could certainly use a mason jar, but I liked how the spoons (feathers) fanned out more in this wide-mouth jar.

How to Make a Decorative Turkey Centerpiece

What type of Paint to Use

Any latex, chalk, or acrylic paint you have on hand will work fine for this project.

I’m using Plaid FolkArt Enamel Acrylics. I bought this set of paints a while ago and I’ve used it for many different projects. I love this paint because it’s versatile, coats well, and works on most surfaces including glass, ceramics, wood, and even metal.

Two Ways to Paint the Inside of the Jar

I painted the inside of my jar because I wanted the outside to remain glossy. There are a couple of ways to paint the inside of a jar…

1. Add a dollop of brown paint to the inside of your jar. Swish it around to coat completely; then turn your jar upside down on newspaper to let the excess drain and the jar dry.

2. Use a foam applicator to apply paint to the inside of your jar. This is the method I used. I recommend dabbing (not brushing) the paint with the foam applicator to get the best coverage. Let it dry completely before applying a second coat (or third coat if needed).

Painting the Spoons

I used yellow, red, orange, and turquoise to paint feathers on my wood spoons and added gold highlights to the edges.

Decorative Turkey Centerpiece - painting wood spoon painted in red, yellow, orange and blue for feathers
Wood Spoon for Turkey Feathers


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Painting the Outside of the Jar

I used a caramel brown color (a mix of a little white paint added to brown) to make a turkey body on the outside of my jar.

Decorative Turkey Centerpiece - Glass jar painted dark brown on the inside and the shape of a turkey body in a light caramel color on the outside. Craft in progress.
Jar painting in progress.

Let that layer of paint dry completely before continuing. Then add a second coat of paint to the body of the turkey if needed. Last, paint a face on your turkey and add crescents for feathers. Decorate with twine and a felt hat or add other decorations.


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