Pineapple Wreath Made With Sunflowers

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Square feature image of a pineapple wreath made with sunflowers on a white background.

Make this handmade pineapple wreath in just a few minutes to brighten up your front door!

To make this beautiful wreath, I’m using silk sunflowers that I bought at Walmart, large palm leaves from Dollar Tree (smaller ones from Target), and a 12-inch grapevine wreath from Walmart as a base.

I love the sunny pops of yellow mixed with the tropical palms that make up this fun wreath. To me, this is the perfect ‘welcome summer’ wreath.

If you’d like to make this sunny pineapple wreath, check out the details below or follow along with the video to get up and crafting quickly!

Supplies shown to make a Pineapple wreath made with sunflowers.


  • About 8-10 silk sunflowers (depending on size)
  • Mini white flowers for accents (optional)
  • 3-4 silk palm or fern leaves
  • A 12-inch grapevine wreath (twig wreath)
  • Deco poly mesh ribbon (in gold or neutral color)
  • A hot glue gun (and finger protectors!!)
  • Scissors


Pineapple Wreath Made With Sunflowers – Video


How to Make A Pineapple Flower Wreath in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1:

To get started you’ll want to shape your grapevine wreath into a more oval shape. Bend your wreath slowly but don’t force it. Mine was pretty easy to shape because it was made up of small twigs.

Step 2:

Next, push each of the palm and fern stems through the center of the twigs at the top of your wreath as shown below. Secure with hot glue as needed and cut the excess stems with scissors. See the video above for a better look at the process.

Photo of four palm leaves pushed in between the top of a grapevine wreath with hot glue being applied to secure them.
Push palm stems into the top of the grapevine wreath and secure with hot glue as needed.

Step 3:

Cut deco-mesh with scissors to fit the top of your wreath and use hot glue to secure the mesh along the sides. The deco-mesh will give a place to adhere flowers in the next step.

Note: The mesh I had in my craft bin was 6-inches. Use any size you have and overlap any way you want to cover the center of your wreath.

Photo of thin deco mesh being hot glued to the sides to cover the center of a pineapple wreath as a base for flowers.
Hot glue deco mesh to the center of the wreath as a base to glue flowers to.

Step 4:

Remove all of your flowers from the stems. Some of mine were larger than others. Arrange them onto your wreath how you like them and hot glue each down, one at a time.

Photo of the last sunflower being hot glued to a DIY Pineapple Wreath.
Arrange and hot glue sunflowers to the center.

Step 5:

Finish by hot gluing some little white flowers onto your wreath as an accent (optional). That’s it. Hang up your lovely new wreath and enjoy!

Photo of a pineapple wreath with small white accent flowers hot glued.
Finish by adding small white flowers.
Vertical Pinterest Pin to save to your Pinterest DIY boards. Features a finished pineapple wreath made with sunflowers.


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