Tooth Fairy Garden

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See how we made this adorable Tooth Fairy Garden for less than $20. Download the free template to make your own miniature house.

We made this Tooth Fairy Garden when my son was six and about to lose his first tooth.

I had no intention of turning an upcoming visit from the tooth fairy into a craft but my son had such a cute idea that we had to do it. He asked me if we could make a house for the Tooth Fairy and maybe he could leave her a letter. This conversation turned into a garden complete with a wishing well, clothes line and mail box!

Here’s a List of the Supplies We Used:

  • Craft/tacky glue (we used 2 tubes from Dollar Tree)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Twine
  • Floral moss
  • Small plants
  • Potting Soil
  • Small plants
  • Cardboard
  • Clothespin and mini clothes pins
  • Fabric scraps
  • A small spool of thread
  • Buttons
  • Shells
  • Pine cones pieces
  • Sticks
  • Rocks (we bought a bag from Dollar Tree in the floral section)
  • Small satin flowers
  • A thimble
  • Decorative wood piece (for the window)
  • A Dollar Tree plastic motor oil pan (spray painted and used as the planter)

The planter and most of the supplies came from the Dollar Store. Finding a large but shallow planter took a little thought. I wanted something shallow so we could keep our little garden on a shelf in our four-season room.

My son found a black plastic oil pan at Dollar Tree (kids are great at thinking outside the box!). I was afraid it wouldn’t work but for a buck we decided to give it a try. I drilled a few holes in the bottom for drainage and spray painted it. This worked perfectly for our container!

Then we started on the house. It took a little bit of cutting and reworking to get the house the right size. If you’re interested in making your own Miniature House attached is the template we used.

Tape the template to cardboard then cut out and assemble with more tape. Don’t worry about how it looks at this point because you’re going to cover it. If you plan to use stones on the outside of your house I recommend using a very thick layer of craft glue. We let the glue sit on the cardboard to get slightly tacky before putting the stones in place.

The craft glue we used came from the dollar store and it worked great. The rocks stayed in place!

Assembling the Wishing Well.

The wishing well base is made from cardboard too. My kids glued shells and pine cone pieces onto the wishing well but you could use anything. I thought about using sticks or even little buttons.

This was such a fun project. The kids and I worked on it a little at a time so it took about two weeks to complete.

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