DIY Glitter Spiders Made From Nightlight Bulbs

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Square feature photo of three colorful DIY glitter spiders on a white backgound.

These DIY Glitter Spiders are sure to add sparkle to your Halloween decor. Add them to wreaths, Halloween-tiered tray, or hang them as ornaments.

They only take a few minutes to make plus a little extra for drying time. I also made bat and ghost ornaments and they came out cute too! You check those out here–> Ghost and Bat Cork Ornaments


Anyways, back to making glitter spiders. I used nightlight bulbs from the dollar store and black pipe cleaners to make these cute little guys. You only need a few supplies, so let’s get started!


How to Make DIY Glitter Spiders

Start by evenly coating a lightbulb with Mod Podge.

Coat the bulb with Mod Podge.

Then sprinkle glitter generously to coat and let dry for about 2 hours.

Sprinkle with glitter.


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When the glitter layer is dry, coat with Mod Podge again. This will seal everything and keep the glitter from getting everywhere!

Add a coat of Mod Podge over the glitter to seal.

Twist four chenille sticks in the center. Twist about 3-times to make sure they won’t come apart.

Twist four chenille in the middle 3-times to make the legs.



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Use one chenille stick to make the head. Wrap it around the base of the light bulb, hot gluing where needed.

Hot glue a pipe cleaner around the base of the bulb to make the head of the spider.

Hot glue the legs to the bottom of the bulb. Then bend the legs to finish your spider!

Finish by hot gluing the legs to the bottom of the bulb.
DIY Glitter Spiders feature image - spiders in purple, green and orange
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