How to Make Marbled Solar Mason Jar Lights

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Photo of two finished red, white, and blue Marbled Mason Jar Solar Lights with beaded handle.

I made these marbled solar mason jar lights in just a few minutes using all Dollar Tree supplies!

These beautiful lanterns are easy to make and a great craft for teens and adults. Just pick up small mason jars, nail polish, and some solar stake lights from Dollar Tree.

Three finished Mason Jar Solar Light in a window.

You can use any glass jar for this DIY if you can’t find mason jars, just make sure the mouth of your jar is wide enough to place a solar light inside.

I also picked up three different colors of nail polish. I’m making these for my porch for the 4th of July so I’m using red, white, and blue nail polish. Use any colors that match your decor. Glitter nail polishes are also pretty if you like a more sparkly look!

Red, white, and blue nail polish from Dollar Tree shown.

This DIY is super simple but I put together a video so you can see how mine came together and a simple list of supplies below.


Marbled Solar Mason Jar Lights – How-To Video



  • Glass mason jars
  • Solar light stakes
  • Nail polish in different colors
  • Parchment or waxed paper
  • An old cloth
  • A plastic bin filled with 3-4 inches of water
  • Beads (optional for handle)
  • Wire – 28 gauge steel wire (optional for handle)
  • Nail polish remover is helpful if you get it on your hands 🙂

How to Make Marbled Solar Mason Jar Lights

Start by cleaning your glass jar and removing any stickers or labels. Next, fill a container or bucket with about 3-4 inches of water and set up a piece of waxed or parchment paper nearby to place your jars on to dry.

Drizzle and swirl nail polish into the container of water. There’s really no technique here, just have fun with it!

Photo of red nail polish being drizzled into a container of 4-inches of water.
Drizzle nail polish into a container of water.

Hold the jar at the top and dip it into the water. You’ll be coating the outside of the jar. Turn the jar and dip each side into the nail polish.

Photo of glass jar being dipped into the water with nail polish.
Dip your jar into the water with nail polish.

Add a wire with beads for a handle (optional). See the video above to get a better look at the process.

Close-up photo of a wire beaded handle wrapped around the sides of the mason jar lid.
Handle made of wire and beads.

Drop a solar stake light or a battery-powered tea light into the jar and enjoy!

Top of a Dollar Tree solar stake light being dropped into a finished jar.
Drop a solar light into the jar.
Photo of three DIY Marbled Mason Jar Solar Lights lit up at night.

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