DIY Patriotic Basket

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Square feature image of a patriotic basket made from a laundry basket on a porch table, filled with two patriotic wine cork sail boats and the American flag flying in the background.

Pick up a plastic laundry basket from Dollar Tree and make this decorative DIY Patriotic Basket for your porch or patio.

Since I have a very small table on my porch I try to find decorations that won’t take up the entire table and this little basket is the perfect size for a little bistro table.


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All of the supplies to make this basket came from Dollar Tree and you can make this red, white, and blue basket in minutes.

Actually, everything right down to the basket was handmade! My kids painted the tin cans planters and we made DIY Cork Sailboats to add to the basket. Check out the list of supplies and how-tos below.


  • A round, plastic laundry basket (mine is from Dollar Tree)
  • Ribbon (I used satin and wire burlap ribbon that I found at Dollar Tree)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Foam glitter stars or other decoration (optional)

How to Make a DIY Patriotic Basket – 2 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Cut A Plastic Basket

Cut a Dollar Tree plastic laundry basket with scissors as shown above.

Cut down the basket with scissors
The bottom part of a plastic laundry basket is needed for this DIY.


Don’t throw the rest of that basket away!
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STEP 2: Add Ribbon and Decorations

Weave ribbon through the holes of the basket in an under-and-over fashion as shown below. Overlap the ends and glue with a hot glue gun to secure the ribbon on the inside of the basket. Then hot glue decorations on.

Here is a closeup of what the basket looks like with the ribbon woven and decorated
Weave ribbon and hot glue decorations on.

That’s it, fill your basket with greenery or patriotic decor. If you’re looking for ideas, check out the Related Craft Ideas section below!

3 Patriotic Crafts from 1 Laundry Basket PIN1 - Vertical Pinterest Pin to share.
If you love this Patriotic Craft, Pin the image above to your Pinterest craft boards to come back to later!


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