How to Make a Miniature Tiered Tray Ladder

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Square feature photo holding a miniature three rung ladder that has a tiny Christmas wreath on it. In the background is a white two tiered tray with candy canes, bottle brush trees and other holiday tiered tray decor.

Make this cute DIY miniature tiered tray ladder with just a few supplies from Dollar Tree and the hardware store.

These little ladders are the perfect size to decorate your tiered tray or holiday centerpiece. I made one for myself and a few to sell in my vintage booth.

Decorate them for any holiday or season. Here are a few ideas…

  • String fairy lights on them
  • Add a small farmhouse-style chalkboard sign
  • Glue seasonal miniature wood cutouts to them
  • Paint them bright festive color

To make this adorable little ladder, you’ll need a package of wood tumble blocks from Dollar Tree. You can make quite a few ladders from one package. You’ll need about 11-14 blocks to make one ladder. Below are the step-by-step instructions!

Photo of Dollar Tree tumbling tower game box with individual tumble blocks next to it.


  • Wooden tumbling blocks (Dollar Tree)
  • Wood glue
  • Craft and woodworking clamps
  • Stain, paint, and any decorations you like



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How to Make a Miniature Tiered Tray Ladder – 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Gluing The Side Pieces

Start by determining how tall you want your ladder to be. I made two and the photos below are for the taller one with four rungs.

Use wood glue to glue the side pieces together first. Add craft clamps to hold everything in place while drying.

Tip: I recommend using wood glue for this DIY. I tried hot glue and it didn’t hold well.

Photo of five wood tumbling tower game blocks glued together to make the sides of a DIY mini tiered tray ladder. They have just been glued together with wood glue and are held together to dry at all four glue points with small crafting clips.
Making the sides of the ladder.

STEP 2: Gluing The Ladder Rungs

Next, use wood glue to glue the ladder rungs on as shown below. Add woodworking clamps to hold the pieces together and let dry completely.

Photo of wood working clamps added to hold the four rung of the miniature tiered tray ladder made up of tumble blocks and wood glue in place as they dry.
Gluing the inside rungs to the ladder.

STEP 3: Painting & Decorating

Paint and decorate your tiered tray ladder. I used a paint wash to make my ladder look stained by adding a little water to brown acrylic paint.

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Photo features a finished DIY miniature three rung ladder that has a tiny Christmas wreath on it. It is placed on the side of a white wood tiered tray. On the tiered tray at the top are two festive pink and green mugs. On the bottom tray are bottle brush tees and holiday greenery. Pin this vertical image to your Pinterest craft boards to come back to the easy DIY later!


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