How to Make Repurposed Tart Tin Trees

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Square feature of finished pink and red tart tin trees.

Make these adorable repurposed tart tin trees to give as gifts, decorate your tiered tray, or use as place-setting holders.

I love these cute trees. The first set I made had Christmas red and green beads on top but I thought I’d make a few more with hearts on top for Valentine’s Day. Below are all the details on how to make them.

Two DIY Christmas trees made out of tart tins and wood spools topped with a colorful bead.
Miniature Tart Tin Trees for Christmas



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How to Make Repurposed Tart Tin Trees – 4 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Decorate your Tart Tins (optional)

Add decorations to your tins before assembling them, just don’t add the bead to the top just yet, that’s in step 4. If you’re not up for glitter, below are other decorations you could use…

  • Dabs on glitter nail polish
  • Glue ribbon around the edges of your tins
  • Glue colorful beads or sequins to your tins
  • Apply small heart-shaped stickers
  • Decoupage your tins with Mod Podge and patterned paper napkins
  • Paint them with spraypaint, acrylic, or chalk paint

To decorate with glitter, apply E6000 to the edges of your tins. Note: I don’t recommend using hot glue, in my experience, hot glue tends to peel off smooth surfaces.

Photo of E6000 added to the edge of a tart tin to adhere glitter.
Apply E6000.
Photo of red glitter on the edge of a tart tin used to make repurposed tart tin trees for Valentine's Day.
Sprinkle glitter over the glue.

STEP 2: Glue the Wood Spool to the Tins

Use E6000 to glue the wood spools to your tins. Glue one large spool onto your largest tin and two smaller spools onto the middle and top tin. Let everything dry before moving to the next step.

Photo of three different sized tart tins with wood spools glued on, drying upside down.
Glue the wood spools on as shown here and let dry.


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STEP 3: Glue the Tree Tiers Together

Apply E6000 to the end of each spool to put your tart tin tree together.

Photo of E6000 being applied to a wood spools to put the top tier together to make a repurposed tart tin tree.
Put all of the tiers together to make a tree.

STEP 4: Glue a Bead to the Top

E6000 wasn’t working on the heart-shaped beads I chose, so I used Gorilla Glue 2-Part Epoxy and I also added a small metal washer to the base to sit my bead into. This did the trick and that bead isn’t going anywhere!

How to use 2-part epoxy2-Part Epoxy is actually very easy to use and it dries clear. Just squeeze the top trigger and epoxy solution will flow from both chambers. Mix the two parts together with a toothpick on a disposable paper plate and use the toothpick to apply the epoxy to the pieces you want to glue together.

Closeup photo showing a pink heart bead secured to the top of a tart tin tree with 2-part epoxy.
Closeup of bead secured to the top using 2-part epoxy.
Horizontal feature image of two red tart tin trees for Valentines Day.
Red Tart Tin Trees

Above is a better photo of the red tart tin trees. I found the floral glass beads on Etsy, here’s a link to the seller Funky Pretty Beads, and the pink beads (shown below) are flat-sided gems from Dollar Tree that I glued together.

Vertical image to pin to your Pinterest craft boards to come back to later. Photo shows three finished tart tin trees for Valentine's Day in pink and red.


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